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MeepCraft has rules designed to maintain high community standards and fair play. By joining the MeepCraft Minecraft Server, accessing the MeepCraft Forum, accessing the servers Discord or accessing the MeepCraft.com Donation page, you agree to abide by these rules.

Below, a player is anyone that logs into the MeepCraft MineCraft server, uses the Discord, the Forums, or the MeepCraft.com Donation page. As a player, you agree to abide by the following rules.
1. Respect All Players & The Server

Players have the right to be spoken to in a respectful manner and interact with other players in a nice environment. Players should not create a negative environment or negative experiences for others. We do not tolerate inappropriate content in any form, including Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) content. Violations of this rule include:
  • Any commonly deemed vulgar words, hate content, inappropriate/offensive topics, or drug-related content
  • Any repeated or extreme attempts to get an innocent player in trouble
  • Any bullying / harassment, or continuous, unwanted behavior toward another player
  • False claims about another person or claims made about another person without proper evidence
  • Griefing or trespassing on another person’s property:
    • Placing or destroying blocks to make it look unpleasant
    • Creating any trap in the Towny server with the intention to harm or severely limit ability to play
    • Taking/placing items from/into any container, including hoppers
    • Killing/spawning animals/mobs without consent of the plot owner
  • Lagging and/or crashing the server through any means
  • Charging back a donation
  • Advertising another MineCraft server with the intent to remove players from MeepCraft

2. Cheating & Deception

Players have the right to play in a fair and safe environment free from cheating, hacking, exploiting, deception, luring, and scamming. Players may not use alternate MineCraft accounts to deceive or gain an unfair advantage over other players. In PvP, players are not allowed to “combat log” or “ladder camp.” Players should not toggle PvP on others without 3 proper warnings. Players are not allowed to install game modifications or use alternate accounts to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Please see the list of in-game modifications we allow:
  • Optifine / Sodium
  • MinecraftCapes
  • TabbyChat
  • Litematica
  • PotionstatusHUD and ArmorstatusHUD so long as it does not show players or entities

If you are unsure about a certain modification, ask Staff before proceeding.

MeepCraft does not tolerate selling or buying anything related to MeepCraft in exchange for real currency or items. If scammed, MeepCraft and/or it’s staff hold no liability and are not required to give a refund. The only exception to this rule is with MeepCraft purchasable such as ranks, fireworks, heads, etc. Backing out of auctions is not considered scamming, but you may disallow that person from future auctions.


1. Town Staff Permissions

You may not use any town staff perms to commit any crime. The act of joining a town as staff with the only intention to grief/steal and will be considered scamming.
The Mayor and Co-Mayor ranks are equal within the town. The Co-Mayor does not need permissions for actions such as, but not limited to:
  • /t kick
  • /t claim and unclaim
  • /t withdraw
  • Alteration, removal or usage of any item on town property

When using /t withdraw, a minimum of 7 days worth of upkeep must be kept in the town, see Towny rule 4, “Town Deletion.”

2. Town Rules & Taxes / Legality of Kicking

Town spawns must contain the following information:
  • Town Rules (if applicable)
  • Consequences for rule violations
  • Plot, Shop, and Embassy Taxes
Any changes to the town’s rules and/or require a 7-day notice (via /t set board) and do not take effect for until 7 days after posting the rules. A player’s plot type may not be changed without consent or a 7-day notice via /mail. To take action against a player for breaking the town’s rules, you must have screenshots or evidence that a player committed an infraction.

Legality of Kicking
Players removed from towns must be given notice and time to move their items to another location. Players kicked from towns must do so in a timely fashion. Forms of kicks:
  • Inactivity Kick: If a player is inactive for 14 days or more then no warning is necessary for player removal.
  • General Removal Kick: If a player has not violated the Towny rules or your town’s rules, then a 7-day warning is necessary by sending a /mail to the player.
  • Rule Violation Kick: If a player has violated a Towny rule or your town’s rule, you may kick them.

3. Settling and Expanding

When starting or expanding your town, you may not settle or expand within 3 plots of another town OR surround a town on 3 or more sides without permission from the town mayor(s). If town mayors have been offline for 30 or more days, this rule does not apply. This rule also does not apply within a 2 plot radius of Towny Spawn. You are not allowed to devalue or harass another town.

4. Town Deletion

All members of a town mute be adequately warned 7 days before the deletion by using the message board (/t set board). An honest attempt to contact town members must occur. The only exception to this rule is that the mayor is the only resident.

5. Inactive Mayors

If a mayor has not logged in (with the account that owns a town) in a three (3) month time span, any resident of the town may request via modreq that they be deposed. In this event, any co-mayor that has been online within three (3) months is eligible, if willing, to be randomly selected by server staff as the next mayor. If the town has no active co-mayor, then any town staff members that have been online within three (3) months shall be eligible, if willing, to be randomly selected by server staff as the next town mayor. If the town has no active server staff, then all willing residents of that town that have been online within three (3) months are eligible to be randomly selected by server staff as the next mayor.

A past mayor, once deposed, may not be re-promoted to mayor until they log on. Any person who violates this shall be disqualified from mayoral candidacy for that town, and the server staff shall randomly select a new mayor in accordance with provisions herein.


  • You may not record, play music or sounds, or use voice changers without the consent of everyone in the channel.
  • User bots are not allowed.
  • Please use either your in-game name or a well-known nickname.

If you have issues with another player or see anyone committing a violation of any rule, please take necessary screenshots and post under Report a Player on forums, via a /modreq in-game, or in the #mod-req channel on Discord.

This rules list cannot possibly hope to cover all instances of behavior that is detrimental to the server or community. The rules will be enforced based on the spirit, not the letter of them. MeepCraft Staff reserves the right to form new rules when needed and use good judgment to give consequences (warn, kick, mute, and/or ban) to those that do not follow the rules warn, kick, mute, and/or ban). Fines may occur in the form of money wipes and/or item confiscation, depending on the severity of the offense. Admins reserve the right to reset player data as needed.

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