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The Voting Update + Patch Notes [Jan 30]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Adrian, Jan 30, 2021.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator

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    Hello Meepers,
    In the last 10 days, the team has been busy patching bugs and adding content for players to play. We want to thank you for your patience! As always, if you find an issue or have an idea feel free to make a ModReq ingame or make a forums post!

    Voting Update
    Meepers have expressed that voting did not feel as if it was worth the effort, for that reason we have decided to rework voting! Here is a list of what has been changed.
    • Voters are now given a Vote Key after voting on all sites! (100% chance at a key for voting daily)
    • Voters additionally have a small chance at receiving an extra vote key.
    • Top Monthly Voters get rewards.
    • Vote Party Mechanics Tweaked.
    • Crates now have a new look when opening! When opening a Vote Crate you need to click to chose your reward.
    • /Dis notes have been removed from Vote Crates
    We also plan to add more content to voting, so stay tuned. Make sure to /vote daily - it helps the server!

    Patches & Bugfixes
    • Jobs Payouts
    Initially, some blocks, items, and actions were not receiving payment & XP from jobs. We have tweaked our jobs plugin to use the new updated ID system. All blocks should give payment as listed on /jobs browse now. Additionally,/warp Jobs has been updated.
    • Head Database
    /hdb has been fixed, all players can now use the Head Database. Additionally, Head Prices have been fixed! We've also moved /warp shop in front of the Head Merchant, you can buy your own head there.
    • Towny
    Various towny commands no longer show a blank screen.
    • TNTRun
    TNT Run now gives a reward for winning games. Additionally, the maximum player count for TNTRun has been increased to fit demand. Additionally, the GUI and plugin messages have been changed to be more readable!
    • Random Teleportation In Wild
    RTP will no longer teleport you near the world border every time, now it is truly random!
    • Chat Updates
    Chat commands are no longer listed as an unknown command. Trade chat is now cross-server.
    • Death
    Players no longer lose 1 meeble upon death in towny. KeepInventory is also off in all worlds.
    • Parkour
    Parkour has been updated, holograms will soon include times in milliseconds. Players now have speed in lobbies. Heal signs have been added to courses that need them. There is also a poll on our Discord posted by @EllieEllie asking about your thoughts on the progression system, make sure to vote!
    • Tridents And Crossbows
    Tridents and Crossbows now can be shot/thrown on all servers.
    • /anvil
    Supreme+ are now able to use Anvils.
    • Rules on forums now match rules on discord

    Thanks and Enjoy,
    ~ MeepStaff

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