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Discussion in 'Towny Guides' started by DarkKnight49x, Sep 5, 2021.


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  1. DarkKnight49x

    DarkKnight49x ⏦ ❀ The True Dark Knight ❀ ⏦ Top Voter

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    Hey how’s it going, gamers? DarkKnight49x here to present a special announcement! The Dungeons Guide is now officially unofficially out! We know we have more plans and adjustments we need to do for Dungeons, but for the mean time, this is your guide to getting into the gamemode!

    So what is Dungeons you may ask? It’s one of the game mode’s we’ve introduced to Meep, more so meant for hardcore players that want a challenge or something refreshing to Meep. Originally, we had planned to add it to both Towny and Skyblock, but we made the decision to make it a Towny specific game mode. It has 2 main areas, and will have other areas added as time passed. The 1st area is known as Adventurer’s Hub.

    Adventurer’s Hub is the “spawn” for Dungeons. Here, you can can enter the main Hub building (easily found by doing /warp trade), where, on the first floor, you can:

    1. Gillian [Guild Attendant]: Upgrade your guild rank here, allowing you to get better drops from dungeon as well as secretly take less damage from harder mobs. You start off with the Rookie rank, the weakest of them all. Each rank upgrade needs a certain amount of dungeon coins, as seen below.

    (NOTE: Since only a few select of players only do dungeons, I can’t seem to find the rank prices for a few. This post will be updated whenever a rank thing is found out.)

    Commoner - Free!
    Rookie - Free!
    Novice - 750 Dungeon Coins
    Apprentice - 2000 Dungeon Coins
    Adventurer - 3750 Dungeon Coins
    Journeyman - 6000 Dungeon Coins
    Adept - 8750 Dungeon Coins
    Veteran - 12,000 Dungeon Coins
    Elite -
    Master - 20,000 Dungeon Coins
    Hero - 24,750 Dungeon Coins

    PRESTIGE (Coming soon!)

    2. Greg [Blacksmith]: Buy dungeon only armor, weapons, shields here, levels varying from 2 to 9. You can also sell your loot you get from dungeons here.

    (NOTE: You can’t sell any outside items here for Dungeon coins, only Dungeon items)

    3. Grog [Special Blacksmith]: Buy charms here! Charms work weirdly. So, one of them you can keep in your inventory wherever. Most you just need it in your offhand or hand to have its effects happen. A few you have to hit the mob to gain the effect. And theres only one that doesn't work at all. I'll probably do a list about it in a post below but stay tuned!

    4. Qel’Thuzard [Quest Giver]: Accept quests from the Quest Giver, which will give you bonus coins for completing quests

    (NOTE: Some quests feature things that have yet to be implemented to Dungeons, whether it be by the type of mob like Killer Bunnies, or the high level of a specific mob. I do not recommend using this guy at all.)

    5. Bartley [Barkeep]: Useless NPC, might have something in store for later use…???????? wink wink smile

    And on the bottom floor, there are several npcs you can interact with that do different things.

    1. Ulfric [Unbinder]: Items you acquire in dungeons are automatically soul bound to you, meaning they cannot be held by any other player but you. This NPC makes it so you can unbound the item and let it bind to someone else.

    (NOTE: This feature is currently unknown to work, meaning no one has been able to use this due to no one having an unbind scroll. There are also certain items that drop and say they’re Not Bound to you but act if they are)

    2. Kelly [Scrapper]: Items you acquire and no longer need can either be sold and scrapped here. Scraps are used for the next four NPCs below. The scraps you get depend on the level of the item you want to scrap. However, keep in mind that its a 50/50 chance on whether you get a scrap or not from the item you trade.

    3. Reggie [Repairman]: Dungeon items don’t have mending on them, so you can use scraps you get from [Scrapper] to repair the items. The level of the scrap you use on the item you want to repair will depend on how much durability is fixed.

    4. Sam [Smelter]: Scraps can be used to craft item upgrade orbs which are then used to prestige your gear/weapons. You do need 25 scraps at the same level to craft an item upgrade orb of the same scrap level.

    5. Tim [Enhancer]: Use item orbs here on items to increase their level by one.

    (NOTE: The item cannot be above or equal to the level of the item orb, it needs to be below, i.e. using a level 7 item orb on an sword thats only level 6 will increase the level of the sword to 6, whereas using a level 7 item orb on a sword thats level 7 will not)

    6. Ralph [Refiner]: You can use 10 scraps of the same level here to craft a scrap of a level above, i.e. use 10 level 7 scraps to craft 1 level 8 scrap. Technically a useless NPC in my opinion.

    Thats all there is for the Adventurer’s Hub. There’s nothing else to it. Its a cool map to just walk around, theres a few other NPCs, specifically like the Enchanter, Tinker, and Alchemist! However, that’ll be talked about in another guide as these three are specifically related to the custom enchants we have. Now… Onto the fun part!

    So currently, we have only a single map where you can explore as a dungeon map, called Sewers. I will say right now, mobs here are really difficult. You can get one shot by Level 5 mobs here in vanilla god netherite armor. Your best friend will be a shield. Keep a shield with you at all times. There are multiple levels, and because I’m an idiot, I cannot say what places are good. I will say, the deeper you go into the sewers, the harder the mobs. Below is a list of the current mobs. You can access this place by using the command /em, then clicking the "Teleports" option and clicking "The Sewers".

    1. Sewer Worker [5]: This is the first dungeon mob you encounter when teleporting to the Sewers. Its a Vindicator with axe, and it hits hard. Theres a total of 6 in the top area where you spawn. Each kill will grant you 2 coins. They respawn about every 5 minutes.
    2. Lurker [10]: When you go inside the sewer hole, these are the first mobs you’ll encounter. Drowned zombies, all using tridents to attack. This is where a shield is really important. Shields block incoming tridents. These are the ones that can one shot you immediately. Each kill will give you 5 coins. They respawn about every 5 minutes.
    After these two, you need dungeon armor and a dungeon sword. There is no way you can survive beyond this point without it.

    1. Crawler [15]: Spider mobs, if you get hit, one of two things can happen. -
    - If on land, you get put on fire as well as stuck in a cobweb for a certain amount of time.
    - If on water, you get slowness.
    This mob gives you 7 coins when killed.
    1. Lost Wanderer [20]: Skeletons. Use shield here A LOT. When shot, they will cause blindness and ignite you. You get 10 coins per kill.
    2. Smuggler [20]: Vindicator, similar to Sewer Worker, just deals more damage. 10 coins per kill.
    3. Sewer Beast [30]: Ravager mob, deals a crap ton as well as gives you levitation. 15 coins per kill.
    4. Spirit Whisperer [30]: Illagers. They cause blindness while also sending those weird alligator mouth mob things. 15 coins per kill.
    5. Sewer Piranha [50]: Sea guardians, depending what level you are and what level gear you have, I HIGHLY recommend ignoring these and either passing them or not going near them. 25 coins per kill.
    6. Drowned One [60]: Drowned Zombies, much MUCH stronger than the Lurkers. Here, shields are your best friends. 30 coins per kill.

    Now, there are minibosses scattered around dungeons. They can be found by two small openings. The first two mini bosses respawn every 5 minutes. Everything else respawns every hour.

    1. Forgotten Hero [20]: Skeleton with golden helmet. Ignites you when hit. It will also shoot an arrow at you. Gives 10 coins.
    2. Spark [20]: Blaze, if it hits you with fireball, you gain levitation. Gives 10 coins.
    3. Ice Wraith [30]: Stray skeleton with iron armor, freezes you if hit for a few seconds. Gives 15 coins.
    4. Shadow Archer [30]: Illusioner, shoots you with arrows. When damaged to a certain point, it’ll have green particles around itself and summon a giant to throw you into the air. Gives 15 coins.
    5. Shadow Master [40]: Illager, it’ll first blind you then use the alligator things to attack you as it runs away. It’ll also spawn Shadows [40] which are just Vexs. Drops 20 coins.
    6. Grill Master [40]: Pigman with leather helmet and golden helmet. It’ll spawn in blazes with hit sometimes. Gives 20 coins.
    7. Toxic Gardener [40]: Desert husk with a leather helmet and golden hoe. Hitting it will make it spawn in Fallen Gardeners [40], which are baby desert husks with a wooden hoe. Gives 20 coins.
    8. Ancient Crawler [50]: Spider that is similar to Crawlers, does the same thing, just much more annoying. It will also spawn in Spiderlings [50], which are just cave spiders that inflict poison. Gives 25 coins.
    9. Mjolnir [50]: Zombie with full iron armor. While it is a slow mover, after dealing a certain amount of damage, smoke will form around it. When this appears, after three seconds, it will send out gold nuggets as projectiles and damage you. Even then, after that, it has a chance to smite you (WATCH OUT FOR THIS). Gives 25 coins.
    10. Sewer Monstrosity [50]: There are two of them in this room. They are similar to the Sewer Beast, just deals more damage. Get better gear to fight these. They will also shoot an arrow at you. Gives 25 coins.
    11. Piranha King [50]: AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS. Elder Guardian mob, will give you mining fatigue depending on the radius. Will shoot an arrow at you from time to time. The big problem with this one is the fact that after a certain amount of damage, it will spawn in the Piranha Prince [500], which will automatically one shot you no matter what. Again, AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS.

    Finally, there is the main boss room. Good luck finding it. It has a specific armor set to it that will drop from time to time.

    -THE DROWNED KING [70]: Drowned zombie with Gold Helmet and Diamond armor. Uses a trident to deal damage from a distance. After taking a certain amount of damage, it will stand still and fire particles will appear. After 3 seconds, it’ll have fire go around it for a few seconds. It can also smite you from time to time. It will spawn Drowned Ones [50] which will be drowned zombies with tridents. If these hit you, they will pull you towards them by a block or two.This mob drops 385 coins. It will also respawn every 2 hours.

    There is also currently an event boss going on, called Sparky, which is located in the Fireworks map.

    - Sparky [50]: Blaze, kind of same mechanics as Spark, however… It has phases. The first phase is when it’ll just be itself. After receiving a certain amount of damage, it’ll spawn in ghasts which will target you. It’s third phase will spawn in skeletons in each corner of the map. This blaze will, after taking some damage, fly up to the sky and shoot fireworks at you. There will also be times where it’ll send a firework to the sky that explodes and shoots arrows everywhere. The last trick it has, which only activates on the 3rd phase, is when it shoots fireballs at you (this doesn’t work so it makes it easier). Use shield for this until you get good armor.

    AND THATS A WRAP. Course, there are some secrets you can find here and there, aka chests with some goodies (or mobs), but thats literally it. Now, I will say, as a final thing, well few final things.

    • Your best bet of surviving is going in as a group. Doing this means one person will be the target for mobs, using shields, as everyone else kills mobs to get coins, and gear.
    • Immediately rush getting the full Spelunker Set, its the best armor you can get. Only way you get it is from minibosses.
    • Charms can be used outside of dungeons for some stuff wink wink smile
    • The moment you get dungeon armor/weapons from killing a few of the easy mobs, start using them. Dungeon armor is made specifically to work in dungeons due to the elite enchants they have. Use your god gear plus shield at first to get dungeon stuff and slowly switch over (KEEP USING A SHIELD THOUGH)
    • Currently, if you die in Dungeons, you DO NOT LOSE your inventory. However, you do lose whatever exp levels you have as well as get the 1% meeble death tax
    • As said above, certain charms work, while a few don't. They work differently. The only charm that does work, whether in hand or in inventory is the Cheetah charm. Every other charm works when you hit a mob/player or have to be in hand. The effects will apply to you and to mobs (the red indicator in descriptions applies to mobs, the blue indicator means you need to hit mobs, the yellow means it'll auto apply regardless of where it is although it is glitched).
    • Finally try working on getting to at least Guild Rank Adept, you’ll have an easier time surviving. And also work on your skills!

    Now, best of luck out there, Adventurer! Your journey starts here…

    First player to have ever gotten Hero Rank: AwesomeAdoGamer

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  2. trdavis25

    trdavis25 Celebrity Meeper

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    Believe apprentice upgrade was 2000
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2021, Original Post Date: Sep 27, 2021 ---
    also journeyman is 6000 @DarkKnight49x
    Can check adept later today when I'm on
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2021 ---
    Adept is 8750
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 29, 2021 ---
    And elite is 15750
    That should complete your list :)
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