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TH3's Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by TH3B3ASTDR4GON, Aug 25, 2014.

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    TH3B3ASTDR4GON Popular Meeper

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    Skype: staff please message me
    Teamspeak: TH3B3ASTDR4GON
    Age: 146 going on 147 in a few days (woo)
    Timezone: EST
    Time online weekday: Summertime! Anyway, I put in around 400-1800 on meepcraft
    Time online weekend: 200-1000
    Rank changes: BANNED - Admin

    Introduction: Well, I'm not sure what to put what else but what got me into Meepcraft and a bit about myself. Anyway, I'm just an average 14 year old boy and in a few days, I'll be 15! Anyway, I have a falcon as you may know from my profile. His name's Twix, and in my spare time when I'm not playing meepcraft I'm riding him, my fellow tacos, or my pesky little sister doing some random things. Anyway, I joined meepcraft on February 17, 2013. One day after I purchased a Minecraft premium account after finding out how fun Minecraft was by playing black ops. I joined my friend's town, though I didn't really do much there. I played lots of HG and stuff. For a while, I goofed around in HG and that's all I really did. Finally, the town, Epictown, crashed. I made a new town called tacoville which I was mayor. After 3-4 months I deleted it due to the sheer amount of griefing. I moved to a new, secluded, completely private, and one of a kind town. It was my world. Whatever I wanted to do, whatever I wanted to build, etc. I had my head museum and book library, an arena, and more. It was July when the town was completely finished. Then it happened. I was on vacation and I came online one day to find myself in a new spawn, townless. Anyway, I bought another town which had a spawn made by Philip, called it TacoCity, then tacosidia, then TacoSide. Peaking at 80,000 residents, TacoSide eventually fell apart to become another town only for me and my friends. When beta came along, I created a new town along with Fuzzlr, Onis_Luck, and snakefrost0101. At last, FalconPlains was born. After 2 name changes, it became Tacotown once more after the town I first joined.

    Why you should be staff:

    Anyway, before we get into the "why," here's why I was demoted last time.
    Mostly, it was that I went into KitPvP often to ban hackers, and, well, fraps doesn't record small files. (I deleted about 4000 videos, removed 5560 TB off my hard drive.) This led to having massive youtube uploads, me having no editing software to compress it. 10 minute videos took 116,997,000 minutes to upload, and I couldn't get a lot of proof up before players appealed. (Solution: I have a decent editor now. Thank one of my irl friends for that.) The second reason was that one time I was sitting down on the table when I went to practice my piano, when I realized I forgot something and asked my brother to do it for me. Him being next to me, I figured nothing could go wrong, and nothing did, but that also was a reason for my demotion. The third reason was because of a mishandled modreq which I will not go into detail for. And the final reason was because martinq and I had a little server where we built and stuff. I was a "Co-Owner" for that server, but really we never hit 10000 players.

    Anyway, back to why I shouldn't be staff again.

    -Previous Experience: I was a helper in March for about 1-2 months before my demotion (adressed above.) During that time, I handled different cases ranging from griefing, skyblock luring, (is warp and killing was a big issue.) Spawn logging (though I was murdered endlessly.) and creative content. I feel that a large weakness to the staff team is that they mainly focus on the main worlds. Spawn, TownsA, TownsB, TownC, TownD and wild are all taken care of well. Kit is fine, but Skyblock and creative are the problems.
    Skyblock - Many staff don't play skyblock. It's not as popular as it was when it first came out, but people still play it. The questions that are asked in chat are often not answered. When skyblock first came out, towns when on complete hold for me. Skyblock was played, and though I took a short break for a while, I still remember most commands and how to reset challenges and stuff.
    Creative - I am very familiar with /plotme commands. Plotme was one of the first plug-ins I was introduced to. I know how to deny players of being on plots, how to let others build, and more. In my free time, I visit creative to see the variety of things people will build for my own town.
    -Dedication: Meepcraft was the first server I have ever joined. I still play actively. Now, I play a lot more than when I did when I first joined. Being summer and all, Meep is what I do when I'm bored.

    -Ban history: This is one of my strong areas. Through the four years I have played minecraft I have been banned a ton. On meep alone I have over 25 bans (I think)! Same applies to most other servers (Duping is so tempting!).

    -Forums: I am active on the forums. Since about July 16th-ish, I haven't been able to check as much. The reason for this was that in Utah on a camping trip, I got really sick to the point where I had to go to the hospital. As some of you may know, I posted on my iPod whenever I could. I lost the whole bag with it when I got sick, and still am trying to get it back to this day. (The person who got it claims he found a bag and wants to give it back, 1 month later he re-emails me saying he reset it.) I still check in lots but I don't post as much as I used to. I like stalking the forums when I get bored, at night, in the middle of the day, whenever. I enjoy reading appeals and reports of people more than most things on the forums.

    -In-Game helping: I currently run a town with around 13006 residents at the moment in towny beta. Tacotown currently is the #1 town residentwise in beta. A lot of these residents are elder , so I help them out with perms and how to claim land. If they ask, they can even take the next step to learn how to be a towny assistant or recruiter. As for shout, I usually stick to only the harder questions. These involve more advanced perms, skyblock, and other things that are complex. I personally answer these in global just because of all the spam when people answer it at once. I usually don't stick to the easy questions just because if 20 other people answer the same question, I feel it's redundant to answer it as well.


    Maturity: This is probably my biggest weakness. I am way to mature to even consider helping a dumb minecraft server. Especially considering that it is a failing server. So yeah...

    Teamspeak: Lately I haven't been on teamspeak (about a half year ago my headphones broke and took me almost 30 weeks to get on teamspeak.) But I am once again on teamspeak, listening, lurking, swearing, banning, and watching.

    Thanks for reading my app and post some negitive feedback below!
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2014, Original Post Date: Aug 25, 2014 ---
    BTW - I got alot of inspiration from http://meepcraft.com/threads/app.30930/
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
  2. Lilstokes

    Lilstokes Celebrity Meeper

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  3. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    I like how this honestly looks legit untill you pay attention.
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  4. SenorSparklz

    SenorSparklz Popular Meeper

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    They accepted SillySilver so you'll do just great!
  5. Thee Boss

    Thee Boss Celebrity Meeper

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    in order for a troll app to be funny you must first be famous
  6. ShadowBlizzard

    ShadowBlizzard Celebrity Meeper

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    Troll Apps aren't allowed.
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