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*===TAC'S Guide to pure success on Meepcraft (For you N00bs out there!)===*

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Theawesomechief, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Theawesomechief

    Theawesomechief Popular Meeper

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    Hey guys, TAC here. In this guide, you will learn some techniques to getting things like VIP and other ranks. All just by making meebles!

    Step 1: Go Into The Wild
    The first step to success on Meepcraft is to go into the wild. Why? To make meebles of course! The wild is one way to make slow money by mining materials to make thousands! But before you do that. First, do the /jobs command. You can also do /jobs browse to see the choices for jobs to join. When you have chosen your job. do /jobs join [Job]. I recommend these 3 jobs to join. Miner, Digger, and Builder. These jobs will be essential if you want to make money in this way. Miner is for your mining. Digger is for leveling out land (This is for later.) and Builder is for building (For later also). For now, lets use the "Miner" job. First, I recommend pulling up the f3 debug menu. Dig down in a diagonal way until you reach the y coordinate of around 15-1. Then start mining. The way I personally mine is by strip mining. If you want to know what that is, it's mining with lanes down different lanes. Basically like a tree with branches. If you are rich enough. Buy about 15 iron ingots and 10 sticks to make 5 iron pickaxes. You will need them if you want to make around 5k per mine. Repeat until you have around 20-30k. This is the average amount of money for perma grinder access. Now on to the next step!

    Step 2: Exploring Towny
    The towns world is a world full of creativity and wealth. Most players such as myself get rich or fairly rich depending on how skilled they are at their trade. In towny, there are plenty of ways to make meebles. Such as enchantment making, building, town owning, shop owning, and etc. In the next passage, I will show you the basic information on jobs to making the best possible amount of meebles. But one thing is for sure. Be sure to find a good town with the right things for your profession! If you don't like any of these jobs, there are plenty out there. Go look for them!

    Step 3: Choosing a Job:
    The information below tells you about the 2 best jobs for making the best amount of meebles. They both have their own strengths. They both have their own weaknesses. Choose wisely my young padawan. (Did I say that correctly?)

    Enchant Seller:
    -Diamond Gear

    Estimated Meeble Output: 15-25k/hour

    Strengths: Selling enchantments is a good way of making meebles. Oftentimes it dishes out pretty quick amounts of meebles in a short amount of time. It's also very easy to make enchanted items depending on the ones you create. Such items are things like Enchanted books, enchanted swords, etc.

    Weaknesses: There aren't any real weaknesses with enchantment selling. The only weakness is the fact it is very balanced in nature.

    -Building Skill
    -Building Material (Optional: For slower production, more meebles)
    -Manpower (Optional: For faster production, less meebles.)

    Estimated Meeble Output: Varies. Depends on skill, size, and workforce.

    Strengths: Building is a very quick way to make meebles. Oftentimes even as much as 100k for only one building! As a bonus, building is very varied. You can hire more workers, use more expensive material, and more!

    Weaknesses: Building takes up a lot of time. It also requires a lot of skill. If your builders aren't good enough, customers will be angry and people won't like your job. It's also hard to tell what your customers are thinking for their building, making everything harder. Also, building is not in high demand. There are more and more people who build their own homes than there are otherwise. Most people who buy homes are rich.

    Step 4: Conclusion
    In this guide, I taught you about the importance of the wild. I also taught you how to choose the right job. Once you have chosen your job, just keep doing it over and over again! Eventually, you will make hundreds of thousands of meebles and even get a rank for yourself. The possibilities are endless!

    One thing. Don't steal my work in any way, shape or form. You can only take my advice. Don't claim it as your own. Thanks.

    If you want some help about this, /msg or /mail send theawesomechief me if you want some clarification on some subjects. Or just post below! In any case. Seeya!
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  2. j00mad

    j00mad Guest

    I n00b
    I no gt dis maann
    Tel meeeee moraaa pl00x
    I lzy
    Gve mee money plzzz

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