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Summer 2020 Event World

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AdrianIsEpic, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. AdrianIsEpic

    AdrianIsEpic Epic Staff Member Administrator

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    Summer 2020 Event World
    Attention all! The 2020 Summer Event World is opening soon! Participate in Ice Boat Races, Fishing tournaments, battle against hordes of mobs in the mob arena, for amazing rewards in the 2020 Summer Event! The Event will remain open until the 14th of August. To warp there do /warp Summer.

    Mob Arena
    The mob arena features fantastic custom kits with special abilities and gear to aid you in your fight. Bosses will be unleashed every 10th wave, each harder than the last, once you defeat the boss you will be rewarded with a crate key. Higher level bosses drop rarer crate keys. If a group of players completes all 52 waves they will earn a special reward.

    A lightly armored kit with little melee damage but a strong bow.


    This kit has mediocre defense and armor, however it is loaded with Instant Damage, Instant Health, Poison, and Healing potions.


    A medium armored kit with some blast protection. It has TNT to blow up mobs, Flint and Steel to burn them, some netherrack, and some health pots.


    Equipped with a shield, a diamond sword, and diamond/iron armor this kit is great for melee combat.


    Why only blow up your friend's house when you can blow up mobs? With this kit you spawn in with all iron gear with heavy blast protection and an iron sword, but most importantly you get lots of TNT.


    Support your teammates by staying away from all the scary mobs and throw healing potions at your friends. When in need you can use potions of strength to face off those hard mobs. Low armor and damage.


    Tackle your foes with 4 furry friends; 3 dogs and an ocelot. Medium armour and melee damage.


    Medium armor and melee damage, but comes with strength potions that can be used to deal big damage to mobs.


    True to its name, use redstone components to set up turrets to fire arrows and fire charges on a clock circuit. Medium armor and melee damage.


    A heavily armored kit with medium melee damage. Good for absorbing damage in teams.

    Events & Competitions
    Events will be hosted by members of High Staff throughout the duration of the 2020 Summer Event. Both scheduled and spontaneous events will take place! Race against your friends in Ice-Boats and see who has the mightiest rod and can catch the biggest fish! We will be rewarding Event Keys and Legendary Keys at these and perhaps a few special items as well. Here's the event schedule (there will be spontaneous events as well).
    Mob Arena Events
    Race to The Finish
    The first to complete Wave #52 will win, any group size is eligible…

    Reward: Magma Miner

    Winner: @CluelessKlutz 7/24, 12:28pm PST

    The winner will be the group that can complete the most waves!, any group size can compete…

    1st- ?????? | Reward: Magma Miner

    2nd- ?????? | Reward: Ice Cube Collector

    3rd- ?????? | Reward: Summer Set

    The individual with the most kills will win this…

    1st- @CluelessKlutz | Event + Legendary Key

    2nd- ?????? | Event Key

    3rd- ?????? | Legendary Key

    Please take a screenshot and send it to Adrian#0879 on Discord to enter. This post will be edited as need with updates.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2020
  2. LordMellow

    LordMellow SuperMellow

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    Can't wait to play!
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  3. Voluntarism

    Voluntarism Meeper

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    This looked great!
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