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StuartBros Mod Application

Discussion in 'Denied' started by 1995 NolanStuart, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. 1995 NolanStuart

    1995 NolanStuart Well-Known Meeper

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    I am inquiring for a Moderator position because,
    • I am a fast typer to reply to modreqs and questions
    • I believe i have a big vocabulary
    • I have experience in being an admin and will be responsible
    • I have only been kicked once for accidentel spam and never been banned
    • I have also noticed Sirrr_Pig joined the server 9 days before me... that says I know enough about the server to be an admin
    • I am 17 years old and mature enough to know how to use the things I will be able o use properly
    • I also think I could be a big help to the server with my architectual assembly skills
    • Lastly, I believe I deserve a Moderator position because I have donated a lot of my money to be a Surpreme (because I love MeepCraft!!)
    Thanks -StuartBros
  2. Nager2012

    Nager2012 Popular Meeper

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    Can a mod just accept this?
  3. Lysseal

    Lysseal Popular Meeper

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