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Denied Steve's Other Other Other Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by stevecrazy, Apr 12, 2014.


Do I deserve to be banned?

  1. Yes.

    5 vote(s)
  2. No.

    6 vote(s)
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  1. stevecrazy

    stevecrazy Well-Known Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): Stevecrazy
    Date/Time: 3.08pm A.E.S.T
    Reason: Apparently Harrassment/slander/threatening to chargeback
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff Member: Oroperion
    Why we should consider your appeal: Because I have opinions that I try to keep to myself. Me 'Threatening to chargeback', honestly if you were perm banned you'd want to chargeback, anyone would. And I was just considering after reviewing what happened to Daed.
    Harassment, I actually don't know what that is supposed to mean. I get it confused in the other 313094 million reasons. Slander, what did I slander about?

    If this had anything to do with my wither grinder being griefed, Diana, you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

    Personal reasons, I miss all my friends on Meep already and you've just torn a 12 year old kid from like 100 people I like talking to and learning about. Going back to a point Mjr_Minor said in one of my threads 'Tell me Straight up', I hate the way that everyone always seems to compare me to adults, I'm not used to adult company and there are natural reasons I sometimes act immature which you people don't seem to accept about who I am. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about 'What would happen if I was perm banned?', right now I'm actually reacting a lot better than I thought. If you want to keep me banned, I can except that. All I'm doing is trying to state a point, I have opinions, if you want to try take my right of opinions away from me, then that's not the right thing to do. Usually I like a lot of my opinions to be private, and I try not to express them. But as some people who watch me in /shout would know, when I can't keep my opinions in it ends up in me being banned/kicked.

    All I'm asking is that you even consider this or shorten my ban length, I've made mistakes that I admit were wrong, but sometimes, I just can't help myself. I am actually sorry for what I did, but you should at least consider what you've done to me and how I feel, put yourself in my shoes.

    Ps: I will still be on forums and maybe teamspeak if you need me or just want to sit down and talk.
    Pps: I've already thought out this post and predicted what staff will post below, I'm ready for whatever you throw at me and I'm not 100% expecting to get unbanned, I'm just hoping for the best.

    Thanks guys and please consider my appeal, Steve.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 12, 2014, Original Post Date: Apr 12, 2014 ---
    I voted that I deserve to be banned, just being modest cuz from what I've learned, whatever staff says goes, no matter how damn strict you have to be...
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  2. Oroperion

    Oroperion Celebrity Meeper

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    Another player has been complaining about you bothering them constantly about the issues you have. In these conversations you constantly bash staff and other players. You said very clearly that you would chargeback, and threats against the server aren't tolerated. Proof will be provided upon request. I'll leave this for a higher staff member to decide.
  3. stevecrazy

    stevecrazy Well-Known Meeper

    Likes Received:
    k Oro, at least you bothered to look...
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 12, 2014, Original Post Date: Apr 12, 2014 ---
    I know exactly who the player is.
    I know what I said to them.
    That again goes to my opinions.
    Who wouldn't charge back???
    And what are 'Threats against the server'?
  4. Jwarian

    Jwarian Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    You spend a lot of time telling us your opinion on whether or not you were following rules, however your opinion here is irrelevant. We have staff for reasons just like this, rules get broken and they have to assign responsibility and levy punishment. Thats why they are trained, thats why that have a higher standard to uphold, thats why they are voted on and reviewed. If we let the players judge what they thought was "breaking the rules" where would that leave us?

    Removing your opinions on whether or not this was a sensible ban, we are left with the data, your behavior.
    I have personally witnessed you commit every bannable offense listen in your ban reason beyond this event.
    I don't think any of us here want to be "that guy" and post every comment that was borderline and form a jury to prove you are as bad as your accuser states, what we would be doing is discussing opinions that are purely subjective i.e. "sure you may treat me with disrespect but perhaps it is only me and not all staff" which is ultimatley avoiding the issue you were banned for.

    I have seen moments where you were fun, hilarious, clever, noble and honest. Unfortunatley this is the rare side, the other side which most of us in /shout who are not on your "friends list" see is :
    1. Filling /shout with language and discussion that tactfully tries to walk the line between allowed and kickable/bannable. For hours.
    2. Constantly point out all flaws in any staff member regardless of their age/time in position, i.e. suggesting how long ban lengths are supposed to be or wether or not that staff member acted properly, etc..
    3. You make a joke out of issues relating to the server and staff trying to do their job, you encourage dissidence and anarchy arguing for your so called "noble" causes.
    4. You set a bad example for anyone reading shout, along with promoting the wrong attitudes.
    5. You troll for your own enjoyment paying no mind to the disrespect you show or the trouble you cause others.

    You violated server rules, repeatedly, after being warned, repeatedly, that merits this ban.
    There is no trolling this time, no "I was joking", no "I didn't know", and certainly no "I can't help myself".

    I wish you can allow that rare side of you that truly does love this server and it's community to change your behavior. Perhaps you have a persona to uphold and going along with us makes you "weak" in your own mind and that makes me afraid that your attitude is an act trying to portray yourself as "cool" in the eyes of your so called friends, BUT
    If thats the case then there is hope for you yet, because that would mean your behavior is a result of poor decision making and not a measure of your core personality.

    I suggest that staff leave you banned until that day comes, and I hope when (in at least 1 month) your next appeal is posted, that it will display none of the sarcastic, cynical, unsupportive, disrespectful and mocking tone that this one does. (That was an opinion)

    I am going to deny this, although you may not believe me when I say I hope I see you back here in the long run, for it is the truth.

    (You ask to retain your forum privileges, to that I say, choose your next actions wisely)

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