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Staff Application from onceuponajano

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by onceuponajano, Feb 25, 2021.

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  1. onceuponajano

    onceuponajano nump(t)y queen Staff Member Architect

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    Member Name

    Additional In Game Name(s):

    Discord Name:


    England (GMT and BST)

    When did you join MeepCraft?
    May 15th 2015

    How many hours per day do you spend on MeepCraft? (average)
    4-6 hours

    References (IGNs):
    @EllieEllie, @DarkKnight49x, @KyloMeep, @Legend Emerged (L_E_), @andrewrobins247

    Hello all, I’m Sophie also known as once or onceuponajano in game. I have spent many, many years on this server but have recently come back to the server over the past year after taking a break due to personal things such as graduating from university (yes, I’m that old). Before this, I was a Helper and Moderator from 2017 to 2018 but had to step back from the staff team due to inactivity to focus on things that were more important sadly.

    The majority of my years on MeepCraft have been based in towny, where I have co-owned a few towns from the Beta Town of Legend, and more recently Blah and Lemonville. Within these towns, I have created a variety of builds, ranging from Town Halls, multiple shops, houses, and have also helped with terraforming. However, I used to spend a lot of time on the previous version of Skyblock creating an island with Ellie and Spongey, so I am looking forward to the new version being released soon.

    Have you ever held a staff position on MeepCraft or another server? If yes, please describe your experience. If no, please explain why you are interested in a position on MeepCraft.
    Yes, previously in 2017/18 as a Helper and Moderator.

    Which staff position(s) are you applying for / interested in? Please select all that apply.

    Why should you be considered for the above staff position(s)?
    As previously mentioned, during the towns that I have been a part of, I have spent the majority of my time building. It has always been something I was more interested in rather than the survival or playing games aspect of Minecraft. It started small with building houses for myself or friends, to building town buildings/outposts and to now having built my own parkour map, Library.

    I feel like I have a good concept of depth when building and decorating interiors too. I am able to bring together the different elements of a build, smoothening the transitions between blocks and adding the necessary details to complete the build.

    -- Exterior: I have created a number of different builds in a variety of styles that include Medieval, Fantasy, Steampunk, and Modern. Although Medieval is my favourite style to build in and something I feel most comfortable doing, I have previously tested myself to build in other styles and I wouldn’t shy away from trying new styles. My builds aren’t perfect, and no way am I talented at building, I just enjoy the building aspect of Minecraft.

    -- Interior: This is probably one of my favourite aspects of building. Having the freedom to decorate the interior of a build in a comfy and homely way or creating a functional space, for example, and to transform it into your own place is great.

    -- Scale: The part of building I struggle with the most is scale. I tend to gravitate towards building smaller projects like houses, but I have been trying to adventure out and take on more larger projects. Building the Library parkour map and more recently Lemonville has greatly helped me with this.

    -- Range of builds: As mentioned above, I typically build houses which aren’t used too often in Arch builds but I don’t think I am only restricted to building them as shown in my building photos below. I have been able to build a range of ideas from vehicles, to bridges and paths, and also custom trees.

    -- World Edit and Voxel knowledge: I have previously used both, however I am more confident in W/E than Voxel. I’m a little rusty using them both, but I can always re-learn how to use them by a member of the Architect team.

    I have collected screenshots of builds and interiors that I have recently done and some that I created a few years ago.

    Screenshot 1: MiniArch_’s Building Competition build (2016)
    This was a Creative building competition that I took part in and was lucky enough to place 1st in it. There was a style brief that had to be fulfilled; “Summer/Spring steam-punk”. This build style was out of my comfort zone but gave it a good go, especially with my attempt at a blimp. The screenshot for this build isn’t at a great angle but that was the only one posted on the thread.

    Screenshot 2 and 3: Fantasy build (2017)
    This was a build I created with L_E_ in the town of Legend on an outpost. In this build, I had designed the outer walls of the palace and L_E_ designed the flooring. Although this build was never finished, I think that this was a fun project for the both of us and allowed me to build in a different style that I wasn’t used to.

    Screenshot 4: Airport Parkour map (2018)
    This was a build I worked on with MeepCraft staff to convert an existing Boomo map into a Parkour map. With this, I handled the building side of the project with updating the blocks used to 1.12, added in additional details to the runway area, created a new aircraft hangar and buildings, and added in terrain all around the map. This map was created as a team effort with Ellie, iKitten, Qazini, CluelessKlutz, and myself.

    Screenshot 5-7: 0zblox’s Building Competition build (2018)
    This was a Creative building competition that I took part in and was lucky enough to place 2nd in it. It is a build I am very proud of and do miss visiting now the Creative world is no longer available.

    Screenshot 8-12: Library Parkour map (2019)
    This is 100% my favourite build to date. I was lucky enough to help build a parkour map with Ellie whilst I was a Moderator. In this build, I designed the different walls and the interior decoration. This build was also used as a sample in the previous spawn area of MeepCraft.

    Screenshot 13-17: Lemonville and Lemonville Towny Spawn (2020)
    The town of Lemonville is the creation of Ellie and myself, and we absolutely love how it has turned out. I have built the majority of the houses along with the Town Hall and Village “Shop”. We have had lots of people asking to either join the town or to own an embassy plot as they fell in love with how the town looks the second they visited.
    I also expanded the town to the border of Towny Spawn and have created an outpost there in a similar style but on a larger scale. When I took on this project, all of the land had been cleared to a flat level so I have been able to terraform something to match the natural surroundings.
    Building for Lemonville has really helped me improve my special awareness of where buildings should be placed to look the nicest they can be, and building on a bigger scale than smaller houses.

    Screenshot 18: My house in Legend (date unknown)
    This was a house I built in Legend a few years ago when I was a resident. I am not sure of what the style of this build is called, but it was something I wanted to create with blocks that I barely use (ie. Acacia wood and Bricks).

    Screenshot 19-20: A few small interior examples

    I have been around and part of the server for quite a few years, seeing it grow whilst as a player and as a member of staff. With my previous experience of being part of the Moderation staff team, I feel like that is something additional I can bring to the staff team if I was accepted as I have been on when no staff have been available, and players have asked for help. This experience has also helped me see how the server is moderated and maintained behind the scenes.

    With being in the UK, I can offer to help in times where there are gaps in staff not being online and when the server gets busy. While there are other members of staff based in and around the UK, I can assist them when they personally might be busy. I know a lot of the staff team personally and have built great friendships with them.

    Dedication/Work Ethic:
    If I am successful, I will dedicate myself fully and will perform tasks given to me quickly and effectively, and not shy away from any job. Many of my projects have been on my own or working within a team, so I am able to build as part of a group and work well in a team and build on my own.

    What are your weaknesses?
    I do like to stick to certain building styles and scale of builds, but I won’t shy away from trying something new if a project came up for me to be a part of.

    Staff relations:
    I have previously had a clash of opinions with a staff member; however, this did not escalate into anything more than an argument. I am very passionate about projects I am a part of and can be a little negative, but I am continuing to work on this.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:
    Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything about my application, as I am always willing to chat. Thank you for reading!

    Locations of builds:
    Lemonville is available to view at /t spawn Lemonville and the outpost is at /warp towns
    Library Parkour is at /pa join Library

    Linked Portfolio:
    onceuponajano Arch application - Google Drive

    Upload Portfolio:
  2. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Builds look good. Trustworthy and lovely person.

    definite +1

    would be amazed if you’re not accepted
    onceuponajano likes this.
  3. EllieEllie

    EllieEllie Staff Member Super Mod

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    +1 delightful person to be around and is a very quick builder!! Good teamwork skills and an eye for detail, your build and interior talents especially would be a good addition to the team
    onceuponajano likes this.
  4. Liam

    Liam Fergalicious, baby

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    Personally, if anything, I'd love to see more detail in the exterior of your houses, specifically. Outside of that, you're a flexible and versatile architect in several capacities. You would be an amazing fit for the arch team.
    onceuponajano likes this.
  5. KyloMeep

    KyloMeep Mipha's Grace

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    Builds look good to me and you're good at interiors. Nice person and can work with people well
    Shame you're a carrot but +1 nonetheless
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  6. 0zblox

    0zblox Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Architect

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    You did a great job converting my condensed mess of aircraft and buildings into a huge lively airport map adding your own parts as you went! The building you did for my creative competition was also great! LemonVille Is a great example of your devotion and I was happy using a house I built in your style in my app proving you have created your own impressive styles. I would love to see more of what you can do!

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  7. andrewrobins

    andrewrobins My views are my own.

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