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Staff Application from Blendyz

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Blendyz, Aug 18, 2021.

  1. Blendyz

    Blendyz Hipster for Life ♥

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    Member Name

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    Michigan, USA

    When did you join MeepCraft?
    I joined very late 2018

    How many hours per day do you spend on MeepCraft? (average)
    about 3 hours

    References (IGNs):
    None needed

    Hello, my IGN is BlendyCat but my real name is Todd Worthington. I was born and raised in South Detroit. At the very young age of 10, my family moved all the way to Southfield to be closer to my father’s work at Federal-Mogul. My father was never really around when I was growing up. He always had to work overtime to provide for the family. My mother was always around, but she was never present as a mother. She was the stay at home mom in the family, but her main focus has always been her online retail company. School was never my thing. I was always getting bullied by the other students and could never focus enough to get good grades in class.

    But things started getting a lot better after my 12th birthday. That’s of course when my father bought me my first real six string. It was love at first play. It was a mint green Squier. I was pretty trash at first and heck, the thing was probably out of tune, but I played that thing until my fingers bled. That was the first time my life took a significant turn for the better.

    The second time was on my 16th birthday. My father bought me a sky blue 1969 Mustang with a 3 speed automatic transmission. That thing was a beauty. It drove great for about a year until one day the tires lost traction while I was going around a corner and it crashed into a telephone pole. My dad had to buy me a 2016 Camaro instead, however, the Mustang taught me to drive. That brought me a freedom I had never experienced before.

    The third time was when I discovered Meepcraft. I was about 17 then and I was getting bullied pretty bad at the time. Meepcraft provided me with an escape from my problems. I could go on adventures in the wild or build a town from scratch. And while Meepcraft may have had its drama from time to time, Meepcraft has always felt like home to me.

    That’s what makes it so special.

    Have you ever held a staff position on MeepCraft or another server? If yes, please describe your experience. If no, please explain why you are interested in a position on MeepCraft.

    Which staff position(s) are you applying for / interested in? Please select all that apply.

    Why should you be considered for the above staff position(s)?
    Why should I be considered for mod?

    Firstly, I’m the best for the job. I believe I have the skills and the dedication required to make it as a moderator on Meepcraft. I know moderation is not a task suited for the weak-hearted. It takes commitment to Meepcraft and its community. I have that, as well as a passion for the server.

    Secondly, I am great with people. I am well accomplished in conflict resolution as well as making friends. Server moderation becomes a lot easier when everyone is your friend. I look forward to bringing harmony to the server.

    Finally, I’m very self aware. I always know when I’ve messed up and I do everything I can do in my power to make things right. Not everyone can be perfect, but the best thing we can do is work on our flaws to make ourselves better. I believe this is very important as the moderation staff need to be the role models for the community.

    What are your weaknesses?
    I often struggle with taking on too many tasks at a time. I’m definitely a perfectionist and that makes it difficult for me to delegate tasks to other members when working on a team. However, I have been working to overcome this. In my last project for science, I focused more on the overall planning of the project which made me much more comfortable giving away tasks to other peers.

    I also often work too hard leading to fatigue. I’ve been working on organizing my tasks better, that way my energy is better sustained through the day. I’ve definitely seen improvements, but this has been an ongoing struggle for me.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:
    I’m looking forward to our adventure together!

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    Upload Portfolio:
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2021
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  2. 7acespade

    7acespade Celebrity Meeper

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    Do you want another Star Wars Larper, or someone who literally crashed a 1969 Mustang into a telephone pole?
    Your choice, Meepcraft.
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  3. andrewrobins

    andrewrobins My views are my own.

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    ‘‘I’m the best for the job’’

    sold +1
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  4. CarJacked

    CarJacked Popular Meeper

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