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Some Of Theawesomechief's Tips And Tricks To Mastering Kitpvp

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Theawesomechief, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Theawesomechief

    Theawesomechief Popular Meeper

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    Note: This guide applies mostly to Meepcraft's KitPvP server. However, some tips can indeed be used on other servers.
    Hey guys, it's theawesomechief. You might know me as TAC or Tac if you have seen me in the chat. This thread is about how to utterly own KitPVP and score the charts! This post will use underlining to indicate which paragraphs are more important than others and will be using bold to help identify headers.

    1. Block-Hitting
    When to use: Anytime (In Small-Medium Rooms)
    Difficulty: Easy/Hard (Depending on what kind of mouse you are using)
    Things Required:
    -Fairly good PC
    -Mouse (For ease of use)
    Description: Block-Hitting is when you use the sword to block and attack at the same time by pressing the left and right mouse keys at the same time. This effectively reduces your damage intake by about 50% compared to regular hitting. However, it comes with drawbacks. While Block-Hitting, you will move MUCH slower which is very fatal in a fast pace PvP duel especially when the opposite party is circle-strafing.

    2. Circle-Strafing
    When to use: Anytime
    Difficulty: Easy
    Things Required:
    Description: Circle-Strafing is when you move around a player in a circular motion. It's Super Effective! against bow types (See what I did there?) due to the fact aiming a bow requires tons of physics predictions which is hard to do along with maintaining the accuracy, plus the speed of the arrows. Circle-Strafing is fairly effective in Sword to Sword PvP as it make you harder to target as you are moving around all the time. Plus, it has next to no drawbacks.

    3. Souping
    When to use: Early Life
    Difficulty: Hard
    Things Required:
    -Good Keyboarding skills
    -Responsive keyboard
    Description: Souping is the act of using mushroom soup to regain health. This is exclusive to KitPvP servers so don't expect it to work on faction servers! If you haven't noticed, you spawn with 2 soups no matter what kit you have, use these to your advantage! By quickly switching to your soup and right clicking when you are low on health, you can gain a small health boost! This can be the difference on who is going to win a duel. When done correctly it can help you reach your 3-kill /Health boost.

    4. Be an Assassin!
    When to use: Anytime
    Difficulty: Instinctual
    Things Required:
    -Good Danger Evaluation (Know who can kill you and who can't)
    -Knowledge of Killstreak system
    Description: Just like an assassin, you have to choose specific targets to kill and kill them quickly. When you are low on health and you are just 1 kill away from that next /heal you need to pick off an easy target, especially when you have a high killstreak or just starting out. If nobody with a bad kit is around, sneak up on your targets, especially ones that are just starting another life.

    5. Use Your Surroundings!
    When to use: Anytime
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Things Required:
    -Knowledge of Map
    Description: On Meepcraft's KitPvP map, there are plenty of things that you can use to gain the upper hand. This includes hazards, walls and even regular terrain. You can use lava rivers or fire fields to deter enemies from your position or to push them into, you can hide behind a wall and give enemies a surprize, or jump off of a hill and gain a head-start!

    Bonus: Camping
    When to use: When you're not in Call of Duty
    Difficulty: Noobishly Easy
    Things Required:
    -Tolerance to other's rage
    Description: This one is simple, stay in one place and wait for someone to come by. Camping by a corner is a plus!

    Did I miss anything or do you want to add your own tip? Post it in the replies.

    I hope you liked it!
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  2. Drag0nSw0rd1

    Drag0nSw0rd1 Well-Known Meeper

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    Ooh, Pokemon reference! *Instant Liek*
    Camping was made famous from first person shooters, and is noobishly easy in them too.
    Thanks for the guide! :D
  3. Theawesomechief

    Theawesomechief Popular Meeper

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    Np, thought up of it when I was doing some KitPvP. Though to put it into words. I'm glad you like it!

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