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Reporting Another Possible Exploit In The New Meepshop

Discussion in 'Resolved/Denied' started by Empoleon_master, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Empoleon_master

    Empoleon_master Celebrity Meeper

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    Since I know that you can't sell gold and gold nuggets and blocks to the meepshop, what about golden melons and golden carrots? They're essentially gold but with some farm able things attached to them.
    And it would go like this:

    1: Dave buys a few stacks of gold from /warp bank, and turns them into golden nuggets.
    2: Dave then adds a bunch of carrots/melons to turn them into golden carrots/golden melons which CAN be sold to the meepshop.
    3: Then he goes makes a ton O cash off of that, gets more gold from the bank, and it repeats thus making Dave a lot O cash for essentially nothing but an intial 100ishK.
  2. Jwarian

    Jwarian Celebrity Meeper

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    Considering carrots are likely to be bought and sold at the 1 meeble mark, I doubt we would allow the price of a golden carrot to me much more than a few meebles above what 8 nuggets and a carrot would cost.

    Your logic also applies to things like ALL craftables in the game, whats to prevent people from buying logs and crafting chests and selling them back?

    The new shop will take some time to iron out all these issues, however this is not an exploit, it is the very nature of the game.

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