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Pizzafest Helper Applacation

Discussion in 'Denied' started by pizzafest, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. pizzafest

    pizzafest Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name: pizzafest
    Skype Yes: live:pizzafest56

    Teamspeak Username: pizzafest

    Mic use: sometimes

    Age: 12 almost 13

    Timezone: est

    Hours online per weekday: 5-6

    Hours online per weekend: 8

    Position Changes: Ultamite to Helper

    Introduction: Hey all it me Ben but you all know me as pizzafest and im a youtuber and i play meepcraft alot. I've been playing for about 2-3 years but I have only been on fourums for about a year I never new if I did i would have joined earlyer. I love dippen dots preferebly cokkie dough my favorite drink is sparkling water. I love pc and xbox my favorite pc game is minecraft/meepcraft and for the xbox its gta v and minecraft. I have a cat named sweetpea and a dog nammed abby. In school I have good grades (A-B's ). I have alot of friends on meepcraft and in real life. I have 2 brothers travis and philip. I love to do a lot of things on meepcraft like sell things like heads and items.I love to ride my bike and play football and baseball and basketball. Even though I am not on a sports team I still play but in the future i will be on a team.I love to collect heads especially elite and +.I like to stay up late on non school days. My favorite song is Im glad you came by the wanted. My favorite car is a corvette/stingray. My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite movie is the Lego Movie. I love meepcraft. I am in middle school.

    Why you should be Helper: Well i have been playing for 2-3 years and its been a awesoem time being a part of meepcraft i donate all the time that how i got supreme and ultamate. I usually play from 9:30am to about 11:30 or 12:00 then i get off for a little bit to about 2 mabey then I get on about 8pm. When someone needs help I will try and help them CI usually go to wild and look for xrayers or atleast what they left behind. Eversince I joined the server I have allways wanted to be a staff member it is my dream. I will awnser modreques when I can but I will do anything to help out the meepcomunity. I adore all staff members and if they tell me to do something then I will. I will kick the people that are beign disrespectfull to others. I do not rage. I will constantly look at the chat for language, spam, sexual reference, and so on, I will constanly do modreques then take a break and have fun then go back to work. My friends say that im funny but they say when the time comes i'm mature. I will not get mad at anybody. I love to say hi to meep and its staff when i get on. I will help everybody that I can. I have always wanted to be staff eversince i joined I was like one day I want to be staff just like Megusta, slink and others. I really like our staff team they are all respectfull and I would love to be a part of this wonderfull staff team. I will help when needed to help. I will not be rude to players but if they need a kick I when i am needed to. I do not want to see new players stressed aso i will help them in anyway i can. I am never disrespectfull to staff unless im joking. I am always on meep and on fourums. I love meepcraft and its players and I would never hurt anyones feelings. I understand the consequences of when I do something bad. I do not curse. I do not reward for bad action's. I hope to become helper, cause it's my deam I've always wantes to be apart of this server. I love all people on meep even if they are disrespectful. If someone is having a bad day I will try and make it better. If someone want's respect I will give it to them. Another reason is I would love to help the server out and make it better. I respect everyone. I will follow all orders. I would love to be apart of this wonderfull staff team.

    Weaknesses: I am not good at priceing things i do not know why but somethings are rare and i guess I dont notice. I do not get on teamspeak as much but I learned from Megusta that skype is the more important one. I do not know alot of meephistory. My maturity level is medium when its time to get series I will but when we are all having fun its in the middle. I am young so I do not no everything so I may need some help along the way but everyone does. I have never been a helper on any server but everyone need's to learn sometime's. Im not active/social on team speak. I am not as social as i used to be on meep.

    Inactivity: When school starts I will not be on as much, but when there are weekends teachersworksdays etc and the 1st week of school I will be on alot.
    Conclusion: I will try and get better at pricing. I will look into more of meep history. I will try and get on tramspeak more often and be more social on meep and teamspeak. I will work on my maturity level.
    Rudeness: I would love idea's and what i did wrong's but please do not say -1 cause I hate you or your a nub and if you put a -1 please put why? and what I should do to fix it. And please no hatefull coments thanx.
  2. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    It hasn't been 2 weeks....
  3. Bob4444444

    Bob4444444 Celebrity Meeper

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