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Permanent Jobs Experience Boosts

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Peero, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Peero

    Peero Celebrity Meeper

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    There were talks lately about making the jobs XP equations easier to level in an attempt to reduce the grindy nature of jobs. I am against this idea, as I feel like making all jobs easier to level is a far too encompassing and extreme solution to something that could be done more effectively, and actually benefit the eco.

    My idea is basically that once a player hits level 100 in a job, they unlock the ability to pay meebles to purchase permanent XP increases in that job. For example:

    Once I hit level 100 Artist, I now can purchase a permanent 1% Artist XP boost for 500k meebles. This would make something that gives you 100 XP now give you 101 XP. If you buy another, it would be based off the initial amount, and give you 102 XP. Another, 103 XP. And so on.

    This idea is geared towards players who are in the "endgame" of jobs. Basically those that have hit 100 or near that in a majority of jobs, and at this point either have to grind to 250 or just use the job to make money with no intentions/hope of making it to 250. These players, like myself or Synergizer, have tens of millions of meebles largely from jobs, and have nothing to do with them. Something I noticed is that in grinding to 250, you make insane amounts of money, that mostly just stacks up. This would allow players attempting to get to 250 make the grind easier, while also taking money out of the eco, specifically out of richer players.

    Furthermore, by making it locked until level 100, when the money you get from a job stops increasing, it would not make the rich richer. Being able to level up faster past 100 offers no monetary advantage, and just assists in getting the elusive 250 perks.

    Cons w/ counter arguments:
    • Makes it so that people who are high on gtop, stay on gtop. While this is true, gtop is purely cosmetic and just shows who has invested the most time into jobs. It offers no real advantage in the economy.
    • Allows people to get more levels to unlock job slots. Being able to buy more job slots, while could allow people to make more money, is a minor concern, and the money spent on the XP bonuses would likely far overshadow any money earned through the additional slots. Even then, anyone who has earned 100 levels in a single job likely would either already have enough gtop levels to buy another slot, or is very low in their other jobs.
    • Makes the 250 perk easier to get when it should require a massive grind. There are two counters here. First of all, it was already discussed that the grind to 250 was too much, and it seems like once jobs gets redone, it will be somewhat reduced. Furthermore, the current grind is so extreme for a majority of the jobs, if even possible, that even if someone spent millions in XP boosters, they would still grind for hundreds of hours.
    • Those with extreme amounts of money would be able to level up insanely fast. While true, they would need to invest tens of millions to make a noticeable difference, which in the current economy, would be a large amount.
    • Makes the rich poorer, which everyone can get behind.
    • Gives players something worth spending the money earned in the 250 grind on.
    • Makes the jobs system more complex and interesting, increasing its "replayability."
    • Makes the 250 perks somewhat more attainable, further increasing jobs "replayability."
    • Keeps the game more interesting for those grinding jobs, as they now have another goal to work towards.
    For pricing, I went back and forth between a high flat rate, and an exponentially increasing price that begins low. I believe the flat rate would be better. Since jobs can allow you to make hundreds of thousands an hour, I believe somewhere around 500k-1mil per 1% increase would be appropriate, leaning towards 1 mil. However, this would likely take some testing and I am absolutely open to feedback on this aspect.

    The question I ask here is "Should there be a limit to how many boosts one can buy?" This is also something that I am not sure on. I am leaning towards no, purely because I think having something that persists as something to pour money into that would not cap would benefit in voiding the greatest amount of money. However, if someone manages to purchase a great deal of these boosts, it could be quite OP.

    Why not use Job Points?:
    I think the jobs points system needs a massive rework. For example, my counter maxed at the 21 million integer limit well over a year ago, and I've bought hundreds upon hundreds of god tools with practically no consequence. I believe the jobs points system should simply be voided, in favor of having things cost meebles as opposed to points. Adding a 2nd currency realistically only serves to avoid ways of taking money out of the eco.

    Difficulty to Code:
    I admit I have very little experience with coding, and absolutely none with minecraft plug ins, however I do not believe something like this would be difficult to code, and could likely be incorporated into the jobs plugin with ease. I also have no idea so it could be extremely hard, lmk.

    Overall, I believe this would be a great way to take the money out of baltop players' bals, and offer some incentive and reason to grind to level 250. Furthermore, I believe it serves as a suitable substitute to nerfing the amount of XP needed to level, which I will reiterate I believe is not the best solution.
  2. CarJacked

    CarJacked Popular Meeper

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    LJJJJJJJ Popular Meeper

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    Seems like a solid idea that I can see you've put thought into :)
    Also, just an idea but some servers offer server-wide job xp bonuses for an hour off the website. Do you guys reckon it could be a good way to generate more income for the server?
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  4. Selchie

    Selchie Celebrity Meeper

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    +1 i want you to be poor
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  5. Jinkeloid

    Jinkeloid Celebrity Meeper Top Voter

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    +1 this can make job level up less painful
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  6. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator Ambassador

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    Accepted as possibilities when for jobs gets updated!
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