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Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by RaidByNightOnly, May 13, 2019.


Good Idea?

  1. Yes

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  2. Sounds good but it won't work

    3 vote(s)
  3. Have fun getting lava casted

    2 vote(s)
  4. No, you're dumb go home

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  1. RaidByNightOnly

    RaidByNightOnly Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    This would be a town where anyone could come and build on it, it would be like 20 or so plots large with a few rules applied and a system where you would have to be verified to get in. I have ran into a few issues with my plan, and needed some help on fixing it to work.
    1: What would I set the perms as to prevent randoms from building on it?
    1a: if I could permit randoms to build on it. Could I prevent griefing? i.e. TNT, Nether Stars, and Lava Casting
    1b: If I added people to my friends list as a way to verify each person could I restrict my other plots (Embassies, Shops, etc.) to prevent them from building on it?
    1c: If someone were to grief is there a reliable way of figuring out who did it by myself without bothering staff?
    2: Would anyone be interested?

    I will update as I get answers and as I figure things out. I really don't have the money for it right now I just wanted to iron things out before I decide to go for it.
  2. Muunkee

    Muunkee Legendary art supply hoarder

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    You can set permissions per plot that you own
    No, the only reliable method is through staff tools.
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