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Meeptimes #80

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Midnight_Galaxy, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Midnight_Galaxy

    Midnight_Galaxy ✧゚・:*Forever Reading *:・゚✧

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    Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

    Server Updates
    Kit Pvp
    Please welcome back kit pvp - with its original LOTR map - at /warp pvp!

    Easter Dungeon
    Enjoy the limited-time Easter dungeon and take part in its parkours!

    /warp extreme design
    The spawn has been raised by a few blocks so that players can’t run back to safety upon leaving it.

    Rules Update
    The Towny Extreme rules have been posted. Read them here.

    Extreme Ore Generation
    We have adapted the ore generation so that it is easier for players to find diamonds and to even it out we have made iron harder to find.

    Improved Quest Clarity
    Thanks to the amount of feedback we have had for the quests we have worked hard on making them easier to navigate with clearer paths and a quest compass to help lead players to their next location.

    Combat Log
    Combat log is now disabled for dealing with mobs.

    Tax on Bounties
    We have added a 10% tax on bounties to prevent people from using them as a way to transfer money.

    Bugs Squashed
    Extreme Portal
    The portal at /warp spawn labeled as “Extreme” now sends players to Extreme.

    Recently Accepted Suggestions
    Extreme Chest Shop Logs
    Chest shop logs will be available in extreme.

    Forums Trophies
    More trophies will be added onto forums for the older meepers.

    Removal of /warp extreme

    The /warp extreme command to teleport to Extreme spawn will be removed on Saturday, April 18th.

    Parkour Commands
    Parkour will be receiving an update and more commands will become available.

    Towny Name
    Towny will be called “Classic”.

    Quest Journal Text
    The color of the /quests journal text will be changed to a more readable color.

    Custom Mob xp
    Custom mobs will be changed to drop xp.

    Extreme Saplings
    Birch and dark oak saplings will be added to Extreme.

    Community/Server Events
    Weekly Updates
    Stay in-the-loop on discord to be on top of the Friday updates that bring new dungeons, mechanics, and bring back old games and new maps.


    Happy Birthday qaz!
    On the 13th of April the fantabulous qazweenie was feeling down on her birthday, so Adriana and Midnight took it to make her have a memorable day. Adrian built an amazing cake fit for a quartz queen while Midnight provided the distractions. We then had a party with friends where we sung various renditions of Happy Birthday to celebrate her day.


    A Very Meepy Wedding.

    A sleep deprived Katronica and friends decided it was a good idea for Katronica to get married to a very special Waifu. A lack of sleep led to a baby and a divorce on the same day!


    The Romantic Adventures of Viperfan!
    What a week it has been for Viper! Romance was certainly in the air for this meeper and what a wild ride it was. With the server watching in a live stream thanks to Clue, Viper and his new girl went on a dangerous adventure where they faced many troubles and much death along the way. Unfortunately, we must report that this relationship did come to an end; a tragic ending to a wonderful love story. The true Romeo and Juliet of Meepcraft!

    MeepTimes Contests
    In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25,000 meeble or 4,000 skull prize (from the MeepTimes writers) the person with the best answer, chosen by the Meeptimes team. To be entered, just reply to the thread with an answer! Winner will be paid with the release of the next MeepTimes.

    The question for this issue is: Submit a photo of nature that you took that you’re proud of. We’ll showcase all submissions in an album and feature the winning picture in the upcoming issue. Please message qazini#7165 on discord or post in #media on the Meepcraft discord to enter.

    The winner to last week’s Meeptimes question was @Vexmae, who would love to see this wolf with wings:


    The Project: Revamp

    What is Revamp?
    Everyone has been hearing about the revamp for a while now, so we’re going to be featuring various aspects of it in the coming issues. This time, we talked to @CluelessKlutz and @LordInateur about the overarching project.

    Let's Talk!

    When did the idea of such a massive revamp first take hold, and how did you decide to make it into what it has become?

    Originally the idea came from inside of staff in a casual discussion, but at that point all it entailed was updating some games and a new spawn back in February of 2019. Over time, as I planned things out, I realized something at this scale wouldn't be nearly enough to succeed. Thus I spent the next few months planning out the idea of Towny Extreme before talking it over with Fuzzlr over the summer. After that, the direction was established, and I worked on it for hundreds of hours. Unfortunately, my academics had to take precedent which lead to massive periods of time in which little work got done, but finally got the time to finish things with my Spring break, leading to the release. - @CluelessKlutz

    What are you most proud of in all of revamp?
    For me, the dungeons have honestly been a super fun addition to the server and the overall gameplay loop of Extreme. - @CluelessKlutz

    I'm most proud of how well our staff team is working together to launch new features, fix bugs, and change to fit the needs of the playerbase. - @LordInateur

    What did you have the most trouble with?
    Timing for sure. Academics have been absolutely pounding my schedule and dramatically reduced my availability to develop the needed content. - @CluelessKlutz

    There've been a couple of bugs that have turned out to be hellish--the Villager bugs were very nightmare-inducing. - @LordInateur

    What part was most fun to create/design/implement?
    Designing the lore and custom features behind a world like Extreme has been quite a lot of fun. While the quests themselves can be pretty on the fly, I have enough lore in my head for the next 2 years about this world and everything in it. - @CluelessKlutz

    How have you measured success?
    To me, the success isn't as much in the numbers as it is the enjoyment. While it's nice to see a higher player count for sure, I think the real value is in seeing how much people have been able to enjoy Towny Extreme, the new spawn, and the other features being added. - @CluelessKlutz

    In terms of this project, I've measured it in terms of the increasing number of players who enjoy being online at one time, and the increase in staff involvement. - @LordInateur

    Storytime with the Crew ft. Projekt: M
    We’re proud to feature Projekt: M’s gripping Jungle Dungeon tale.

    Created by: @Kwrineon, @Sqreix, @Rattle189, @Koookieee, and @Yoshirowo.

    Humans of MeepCraft ft. @~Katronica~

    One of Katronica’s fabulous photographs!​

    When did you first join Meep and what kept you around so long?
    From my very foggy memory with the capacity of a goldfish, I joined Meep in early 2013 when I was 11-12, after one of my middle school buddies told me about this server. Although my friend no longer plays on meep, let alone minecraft, I stayed for the long haul of 2013 trying to immerse myself in such an interesting community. After an incident in 2014, just a couple days into meepnetworks, my rank was charged back from Supreme, bringing me to VIP. From that I decided to quit and move on. Fast forward to 2020 being a first year college student, I found myself finding a lot of free time. In doing so, I wanted to see if meep still existed as what I was familiar with, like in 2013. To my surprise, nothing really changed from what I remembered when I was just a middle schooler. Meep still provided the same community that it had, despite a shortage of players since the time I have played. It was honestly a surreal experience to see many of the OG players in 2013 still logging in and to see how much they have grown. Although I took a long hiatus on meep for several years, the community found its way to bring me back as an active player.

    You said you're in college. How did you choose the school you are attending?
    As I said I am a first year college student. I am currently attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, hoping to major in Economics and minor in International Relations. Even till this day, I get lots of questions as to why I decided to go international instead of choosing a school near me (California). Since I am a dual citizen in both Canada and America, my options were opened up to a larger selection for 2 different countries. There were many factors as to why I chose UBC but, the main reason as to why I chose it was because of my sister. My oldest sister is essentially one of my role models and she attended UBC many years before me. I always wanted to follow in her footsteps due to her success and how much she impacted my life, thus making my decision to UBC a no brainer.

    Why does your sister inspire you?
    My sister has always been there for me ever since I was little. She has always guided me through life and school, giving me the best possible advice. Additionally, my sister has always been successful both in academics and in her specific career. Her constant work and efforts modeled me to be the same way. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her and her influence to be successful and work as hard as her.

    Was it difficult moving from California to BC? What are the biggest differences for you? Do you have an obvious preference?
    I feel that the move was definitely interesting. There was a huge culture shock that I had to face and I slowly had to immerse myself in this new culture day by day. I think the biggest difference is the people itself. Canadians (in my personal opinion) are a lot more passive aggressive compared to Californians. As a native Californian, direct and straightforward answers are very normal to me. So when talking to a native in Vancouver, it can be kinda hard to tell if they are angry or not, hahaha. Preference wise, I feel that my hometown in California will always be my true "home." Although Vancouver itself provides so many opportunities like its nature, amazing people (despite their passive aggressiveness), and great food, California will always be so natural to me.

    Why did you decide to go into economics and international relations?Do you know what you want to do as a career?
    I choose economics fairly last minute, if I'm being honest. I originally was set on pursuing computer science as a career, but after taking an AP class in computer science, it honestly wasn't for me. Along with taking AP computer science, I was taking both AP microeconomics and macroeconomics. I have never thoroughly enjoyed a class until taking these two AP courses. Although it might be the teacher that taught it, making it so enjoyable, I always involved myself in some form of business even when I was young. I would partake in buying and reselling "hyped items" to make a bunch of side money. For international relations, it was also a study that I didn't consider until applying for college. For my family and myself, we have the opportunity to fly around the world once every year to a new country, like France, Sweden, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc. Traveling around the world and exploring new places has always been so fascinating to me. So in doing so, I hope to use economics and international relations to continue what I love to do, but on a larger scale. Although nothing is set in stone, I hope to focus my career internationally in a tech-business centered career.

    What traveling experience was the most impactful to you?
    I think traveling to any European country has always been so memorable to me. It's very hard to choose a specific country but traveling to Europe has always been an amazing experience. The architecture, history, unbelievable food, easy public transportation, and the environment itself is just so special to me. This year (if the virus blows over) I was to travel to Dublin and travel around that part of Europe independently.

    What are some of your hobbies?
    Aside from meep, as I said previously, I usually buy and resell "hyped goods" as a side hustle. I invest a good amount of time to buy shoes and what not to sell for a larger price. Other than that, I am into photography and filming. I use a Canon Rebel t6i, 70d, and 80d. I used to do short films for fun and editing them with adobe premiere pro. For photography, I used to do a paid system doing self portraits for events like graduation, prom, or just in general.

    Coming back to Meep, what have you been doing on the server since you got back?
    Since my return, I have just been involving myself with the community a lot more than I would've in 2013. I've been messing around in Legion in towny extreme, voice calling a bunch of the meep people, and dicing all my money away to Viper and Spongeystar.

    What’s been the craziest moment so far?
    Craziest moment? Not to put names but there was a town hall meeting in regard of towny extreme with like 50+ people in the same vc. It was extremely quiet and as Clue was ready to start the meeting, someone proceeded to use the bathroom and the audio of just someone peeing was quite the highlight of my meep return.

    What’s been the most unexpected thing about coming back to Meep?
    I honestly did not expect many of the OG meep players (from the time I've played) to be around the same age as me and experiencing the same things I am going through. Back in 2013, I thought everyone was like in their 20s playing and I remember thinking "don't say anything dumb or else you'd be exposed as that one dumb 12 year old." But to my surprise, a lot of the players were in the same shoes as myself. It is honestly such a surreal experience to think that a lot of the meep players, and myself, grew up but are coming back now, as if it's a sitcom reunion show like Friends lol. To me and many others, it seems that Meepcraft grew up alongside us.

    Farewells and Welcomes

    We would like to give a warm welcome to @FatUnicornzz to the Tech team, and please congratulate @EnergyAssassin on his return to developer!

    Social Media!

    Be sure to follow us/subscribe to all of our social media platforms to get sneak peaks and be kept up to date on all things Meep!

    Instagram! - @officialmeepcraftmc Facebook! - @meepcraftmc

    Discord! - Meepcraft Official reddit! - MeepCraft​

    Get involved with the MeepTimes
    We welcome you to participate in the Meeptimes! Submit a cover photo or community event for a chance to get 10,000 meebles or 1,000 skulls, or a story for the chance to win 25,000 meebles or more 4,000 skulls, if the content is used. To submit entries for the next release of the Meeptimes, send a private message in-game, over forums, on discord to @qazini.

    Happy Meeping!
    The next issue of The MeepTimes will be released May 1st 2020. See you then!

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    @qazini @Midnight_Galaxy

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  2. Toostenheimer

    Toostenheimer Celebrity Meeper

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    I liked this issue! Twas nice to see some good stuff about the revamp and some older players coming back
  3. Sqreix

    Sqreix Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Media

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    Woah! Thank you so much for featuring us in this issue! Glad everyone enjoyed what we made!
  4. Courtneyyy

    Courtneyyy Admin Princess

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    Really happy to see Meeptimes still trucking on! Great issue with lots of fun information, great job. :)
  5. VKL_ReWinDzz

    VKL_ReWinDzz Popular Meeper

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    ah I was also there this was quite the laugh!
  6. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    It brings me genuine joy to see the MeepTimes so full of content. This edition is amazing, especially the video that is in the story section (that is such good quality — wow).

    You guys should add which quests / dungeons have been added every Friday between editions! Also, this could be a way to expose where dungeons are from quests the week/two before for people who couldn’t find them.

    Amazing work!
  7. Meznik

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    Almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost.
  8. Jesterical

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    Thanks for featuring us on this issue!
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  9. Blazetop

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    It's amazing to see a wide spectrum of content in today's issue. Also a big thanks for featuring our work! I'm exalted to know that a lot of people enjoyed it!
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  10. Exiarules

    Exiarules Meeper

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    This was a well written MeepTimes, thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, all contributors did a great job, loved Katronicas interview.

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