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MeepCraft Reimagined

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CluelessKlutz, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin Staff Member Owner Administrator

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    At long last the Revamp is finally here! With it marks the start of a whole slew of new features and additions which I'm sure you'll find one to enjoy for hours on end.
    To kick things off, I'd like to introduce our new Spawn! This one is our biggest spawn yet with over a year of work being done on it by our fantastic architect team including @AdrianIsEpic and @andrewrobins as the lead SuperArchitects with @Achrow @steviefiveo56 @Ocifer as additional Architects. Other members have been involved such as @Teddypines @qazini @Synergizer and myself. We've included a number of Easter Eggs as well including the ability to visit past spawns! Four portals are hidden around the map for you to discover and experience MeepCraft over time.

    Towny Extreme
    The very first thing to open our revamp is the introduction of our new Towny world; Towny Extreme. This daunting challenge is designed to test your abilities and skill. In this world, death comes swiftly and it comes often. You cannot teleport anywhere on the map besides the spawnpoint and your own town. No player warps, no visiting neighboring towns instantly, no separate world for collecting resources.

    Dungeons + Quests
    One of the major aspects of the Extreme world is the new questing and dungeons system. Quests will guide you to a new dungeon located somewhere in the world of Extreme. In this area, there is no PvP, but the monsters you'll find are quite different, including several bosses. Killing monsters in the dungeons also rewards you heavily and many secrets exist for you to find including minibosses that are infinitely replayable. Above you can see a number of players inside the Jungle Dungeon fighting Viscar the Nature Skeleton.

    We have spent a long time considering how we want the community to be built and have evaluated a number of things. First of all, we have reset the existing Wild world and adjusted a number of other features, one of the major ones is our chat rules and filters.

    After testing for a time before the release of MeepCraft Reimagined, chat is officially PG-13. This means typical slang and such is fully allowed so long as it is not directed at a person, sexual in nature, or racist in any shape or form. Shout tax has also been removed.
    What's next?
    This doesn't seem like very much now does it? I agree. That's why we've prepared the next few months worth of content with a new section of MeepCraft Reimagined and additional content for Towny Extreme coming every week. So dive on in, check things out, and explore MeepCraft Reimagined! See you next week in the Mountains!

    P.S. VKL is unbanned.

    P.P.S We broke 100 players last night

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  2. Sekotslil

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    I'm not though.
  3. Epicdude141

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    I thought we were gamers, shouldn't racism be encouraged?
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