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Meepcraft- A Guide For Nubz

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Zebo616, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Zebo616

    Zebo616 Popular Meeper

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    MeepCraft- A Guide For Nubz
    By Zebo616

    This unofficial guide will teach New Players (Nubz) how to get a strong start on MeepCraft. If you aren't new, read this anyways, you could learn something new.

    Step 1- Getting Started

    What you should do as soon as you get on MeepCraft is go to the Wild World. You can do this by doing /warp wild or /rp. Once you are there, jump down into the void, and you will be taken to a random location in the Wild. Do not build a house in the Wild!!!
    The Wild is PvP enabled, and griefing is allowed, so do not make a house in the Wild, or else it will be griefed. While in the wild, gain some simple tools and blocks to build with, or to sell.

    Step 2- Joining a Town

    The Towny World is the main world in MeepCraft. here, you can join/create towns, and build whatever you want. First, you want to choose what Towny world you want to join, Alpha or Beta. There isn't much of a difference between the two, other than the Towns themselves. After you enter the Towny World, To join a town, you need to ask in the World chat. Simply do /w (Message). Eventually you will be invited to a Town. Once you accept, do /t spawn to get to your town. Do /t to see your town's Name, Staff, Upkeep, Taxes, And Much More! Ask a Staff in your town (Assistant, Co-Mayor, Mayor) for a plot, and they will sell you one. (Hopefully for a reasonable price) once you claim it, it's yours! You can build a house, a farm, whatever you want! Next, build a house with necessities inside of it. (Chests, Furnaces, etc.) After this, there isn't much more to do, other than to start making money.

    Step 3- Making Money

    Here are some easy ways to make money. Have one to add? Post below!

    - Go to a Mob Grinder for free XP to enchant your personal stuff, or enchant books and sell them.
    - Kill Nubz Players in PvP at /PvP. It is a high risk,high reward kind of thing. (Unless if you're horrible at PvP, then don't do this)
    - Go to the Wild and sell materials. The following are pretty profitable from the Wild.


    - Skin Comps?
    - Make a Casino in creative. if you're lucky, you could make Thousands!
    -CTF, if you can win a bunch, you can get 15k per round. Every round takes about 10-25 Mins, and that adds up to a lot of money. (Suggested By isbg.)

    This is the end of the Guide. I hoped you liked it! ;)
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  2. isbg.

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    ooo also play ctf for moneymaking
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