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Jayd99's Helper Application.

Discussion in 'Denied' started by jayd99, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. jayd99

    jayd99 New Meeper

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    In Game Name: jayd99
    Skype Username: jdxwhedcb
    Teamspeak Username: I do not have one.
    Mic use: I use a steel seiries 80 dollars headset and speak very good English and some Spanish too.
    Age: 14 almost 15
    Timezone: Mountain time.
    Hours online per weekday: 2-4 hours a day
    Hours online per weekend: 4-6 hour a day
    Position Changes: (ex. Citizen to Helper, Helper to Mod, Mod to SuperMod) Citizen to Helper.

    Introduction: Hi I am jayd99 here. I have owned three servers that were very professional and I have been warden on three different prison server. One of which is ********* which may now be a competitor of yours. I have also co-owned many server and have played minecraft since alpha verstions came out.

    Why you should be Helper/Mod/Supermod ? I have Great Expireince and love to help people in life and online. I have very good people skills and can be firm or soft with people depending on the situation. I have a lot of background knowledge of the game and its ins and outs. I have played on meepcraft for about three months off and on and have featured several YouTube video's on it saying how much I like your server. I can be on allot of hours and fulfill my duties I am to get this Job. I will work my hardest to be on Skype and communicate with the owners and have a good time doing so. I will be subject to any changes they desire to inflict upon me or the server and will fallow willingly.

    Weaknesses: Unfortunately I cannot get on Sundays but every other day I can be on for long amounts of time.

    Conclusion: I feel I could be a great benefit to this server and I want to be a part of it in the best way I can. I have allot of XP. In this field and I think I could bring that back and be a great addition to the servers staff force. I know how to handle people and I will not suck up to anyone or let anyone do so to me. I will handle things and problems in a serious orderly fashion and I am also a good builder that can be trusted to help do amazing things. I have allot of time on the server and I am on allot now a days. I will do my best to be on Skype and communicate with the owners and other staff members so I can help the servers problems, needs, and wishes. Please consider me for your next Helper on your server and have a wonderful day!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2014
  2. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    Denied. TeamSpeak is required to become a staff member, and you advertised in your application, which shows you do not know the rules well. Please wait at least two weeks to reapply.

    Before re applying, I also suggest that you;
    - Become more active in game and on the forums. We want to see you helpful and active.
    - Familiarize yourself with your rules and regulations, such as no naming other server ips or names.
    - Get a TeamSpeak account and become active on TeamSpeak.
    - Read the Tips and Tricks post to improve your application.
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