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Accepted I'm vewy sowwy :(

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by mrli1, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. mrli1

    mrli1 Popular Meeper

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    IGN: mrli1
    Staff: Devilspawn
    Date/Time: 12/22/13
    Reason: X-Ray/Glitch Exploitation
    Length: Perm
    Why should I be unbanned?
    Hello, mrli1 here. please read the title for my emotions on the situation. I am sorry if my appeals seem too spammy, but I just can't stand to be away from the server. If needed, please extend my ban for 7 days. Since I only attempted the glitch once, I feel that I should be given a second chance. Now I know that cases are different from me and other glitch exploiters (I continued to team with him after he showed me the glitch, and he continued to do it), But I believe that, well, let me explain it this way; I believe that today would be the day I got banned on, and the 7d temp would happen right now. The three weeks could be my punishment for continuing to team with him. Anyways, another reason why I believe that I should be unbanned would be that this is my first offense. If I am caught x-raying again, Perm me with no chance of appeal. Lastly, I openly admit to using the glitch, and there is no need for evidence to be posted (unless a topic is brought up in which there is no other option). This is my first offence, and it will never happen again. Thanks for reading,


    (okay if i use that sjoe?)
  2. Sjoeppappentrap

    Sjoeppappentrap Sjoeppappentrap Elder

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    Appeal accepted under some conditions:
    - you will be watched closely
    - any form of x-ray / glitch exploit will result in a permanent ban which will not be allowed to appeal.
    Take your second chance and think twice before you do something.
    Read all the rules once again.

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