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I Found my 2010 I pod... Photos ranging from 10 -13 year old me...

Discussion in 'Other' started by chris_is_crazy, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. chris_is_crazy

    chris_is_crazy Popular Meeper

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    I found a relic of myself from a previous time that was rarely documented of myself. From birth to 9 years old, I was constantly photographed. Putting on that forced smile while my mother would pick and pull at me to get me in that perfect photo position, as all mothers do. Shortly after I turned 9, she passed away. On my tenth birthday, I got an iPod touch 4th generation. [2011] I recorded meow mix commercials and was generally random and took pictures of strange things. I used that iPod until I was about 13 and a half, then the battery and screen quit working on me. Shortly after I got a flip phone (Cool, right?) and then lost it. Sometime around 14 years old I got my first smartphone, Which I continue to use until this day. As soon as I got my smartphone, I took thousands of pictures, and as soon as I learned of the google photos free unlimited photo backup system, I jumped at it. (I take generally 20 - 80 photos a day) So from birth to 9 years old, and 13 to now, I have been completely documented. But from 9-13, there is a huge gap of change and seemingly no record of it. that is, until now. I was finally able to get my iPod working enough to transfer it's photos to my computer. These photos, voice recordings, songs, and notepad notes have shown light on a very interesting time of my life that was full of change and new experiences. It shows my face and voice as I awkwardly began puberty, and how my character has changed and developed as I have grown up. I am overjoyed that I have been able to chart this previously unknown territory of my life and experience this extremely nostalgic feeling. I thank you for reading my little story, and I hope you enjoyed. If you have any nostalgic moments or memories from playing Minecraft a while ago, feel free to share them, I would love to read them. if anybody needs help getting that nostalgic feeling, listen to these songs that I had on my iPod in 2011 and found on youtube again.

    The OFFICIAL Bobby Yarsulik MineCraft Song by Bobby Yarsulik

    MineCraft: Spiders by Bobby Yarsulik
    "Some Items that I used to Own" - A Minecraft Parody
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  2. TheTastyNacho

    TheTastyNacho Celebrity Meeper

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    Nice story. Really sorry about your mom :cry:. Thanks for those songs. They were really good.
  3. Marshy_88

    Marshy_88 Celebrity Meeper

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    I remember those songs. Don't forget "Oppa Minecraft Style"
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