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Hyrule Town Thread

Discussion in 'Towns' started by KyloMeep, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. KyloMeep

    KyloMeep Mipha's Grace

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    Welcome to Hyrule
    Welcome to Hyrule! We are one of the most active Towns on Meepcraft and we are currently rapidly expanding. With 30 residents, we are a great community full of lovely people.
    In the future, the Town will be expanding with new areas (prebuilds).

    Town Staff
    KyloMeep, MiniatureLiz
    Assistants: MidgetGemCarrie, Fllavi, Ljosalfh31m
    Builders: Ljosalfh31m
    Recruiters: SaplingArcher
    Residents: 21

    Insight to the town
    Currently the Town is located in a plains biome, next to the Ocean and a cool looking mountain range. We currently offer a variety of plots in our Freebuild area. We can offer 1x1, 2x1 and 2x2 plots.

    Plot: 75
    Shop: 100
    Embassy: 125
    Resident: 0


    1. If you are inactive for 2 weeks, we have the right to reclaim your plot and resell it and your items!
    2. Do NOT build inappropriate things on your plot
    3. If you are banned from the Town, you are Trespassing and you will be removed.
    4. Do not make your plot a PVP Arena
    5. If you do not pay your tax and get kicked from the Town, your plot will be ours and so will the items on it. We hold the right to salvage what we need for the good of the town and to resell.
    6. Do not argue with our Town Staff, they know whats best for the town and our residents.

    We currently host a discord server which is public to join! Here, you can listen to music, chat to friends or get support from town staff!

    The link to join is as follows: Join the Dubai Discord Server!

    Currently, our housing consists of free build plots and prebuilds (coming soon).

    We are fine with you owning a shop, just as long as you pay shop tax.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2020
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