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How to Build a House. The Dos and Don'ts.

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Legocreator2013, Apr 27, 2017.


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  1. Legocreator2013

    Legocreator2013 Popular Meeper

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    Let me begin by stating a disclaimer. I am not a master builder. I am a good builder and nothing more. I wanted to make this guide for others to learn how to build for themselves or at least get started. A Youtuber named Grian taught me how to build a long time ago. He helped me tons. I owe all the skill I have to him. I will reference his work to build on my teachings a lot.

    Watch this to get started. this was the first of his videos I saw and it was my first look at building properly:

    So you can see he starts by talking about the frame. Never make the frame inside the wall. I understand it takes up space especially on this server where most plots are 15x15 due to roads. you will learn how to make space over time. He also extends the frame out to make the house not square. You can make a square house looks nice, but it is harder. Try to stay away from making it a boring shape. Improving the shape can be as simple as extending a part out of the square. Try to build the frame first so you know what shape you'll have.

    Another thing I have to add to is the transitioning step. This is hard to do in a towny world because the environment is so bland. I often forget to because of the lack of natural environment, but you can just use bonemeal on the ground and you'll be fine. If you have time, don't forget the flowers we got in 1.7.

    Here is another one. This is important so pay attention:

    Yes, I know I break these rules occasionally, but like I said, It's hard to follow all the rules in a 15x15 work space. That being said, they're miner (pun) rules, and I try to make up for them.

    Here are some styles you might want to do further research into. Getting a style is important because you need to know what you're going for:
    modern house.jpg suburban house.jpg Medieval house.png
    I don't even have to say which ones are which. these are modern, suburban, and medieval styles. I've seen some suburban houses clash with modern lately. I wanted to point this out. Medieval is my style. I like it because to me it comes naturally. Houses don't have to follow these styles. I just wanted you to have a good idea of the three main styles I see.

    If people enjoyed or found this guide helpful I'll gladly make another. There is so much more to building, but this will be a good start for your journey. You will not begin perfect but you will improve.
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  2. Natsu

    Natsu Celebrity Meeper

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    You just copy and pasted images and videos on the Internet? I appreciate your effort but I suggest you to do things like @ThecrazyJJ does. His videos are pretty cool

    Also there is no perfection but only satisfaction:) You can always improve what you do

    Thus, keep on improving and good luck but I just didn't find this original
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  3. ThecrazyJJ

    ThecrazyJJ Popular Meeper

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    @Legocreator2013 - great tips, especially with regards to the towny atmosphere. Sometimes my work isn't all that towny friendly so it shouldn't be a reference for everyone.

    @Natsu - thanks! These last two weeks have been really bad for videos but next week I'll be back on schedule. I may try to just do 2 vids/ week, as that will be much easier on me.
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