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Extreme FAQ

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by qazini, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini Staff Member Administrator

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    Towny Extreme FAQ
    There have been a lot of questions about how Extreme works. Here is an FAQ guide that will hopefully clear up some of them.

    If you have any other queries, please ask in this thread or in #questions under Town Hall in the Meep discord. The questions will both be answered there and added to this list.

    What is extreme?
    Extreme is a world with towny war enabled. Getting resources and getting around is more difficult. However, it is designed so that players are still able to build majestic towns without worrying about raids.

    How do I know what's legal?
    Check out the Towny Extreme rules here.

    Why am I getting kicked for spam?
    Rejoin with 1.12.2

    How do I make money?
    Completing quests and fighting mobs in dungeons.
    Killing mobs in the dungeon will earn you 100 skulls per kill, and the first quest is worth 15,000 skulls.

    What are dungeons?
    Dungeons are worlds in Extreme accessible by portals. Once there, you fight regular mobs and bosses to earn skulls. Find a portal by starting a quests with /quests take (quest name).

    How much does a town cost?
    50,000 skulls. Make it with /t new (town name).

    Why don’t I have access to any of my donor perks?
    Donor perks are disabled in extreme - this world is leveled for everyone.

    What happens if I die?
    You lose your items and levels and warp back to your town spawn. If you got killed by another player, they steal 25% of you skulls.

    I can fly, what's going on?
    You can fly within your town's borders.

    Where can people kill me?
    Just about anywhere. You're safe in /warp extreme and in your own town, but otherwise, be on your guard.

    How do bounties work?
    You can set a bounty on a player with /bounty (player) (reward). If someone kills that player while the bounty is still active they get the reward you set. You can check all available bounties with /bounties.

    Can residents from my town kill me?

    What is the dynmap?
    A map of Extreme that you can find here. It shows all online players' locations. You can hide on the dynmap by crouching, being underground or inside, and by using an invisibility potion.

    Teleportation and Travel
    What teleport commands may I use?
    You can use /t spawn to get back to your town spawn.

    Do I keep my location if I log out or warp to another world?

    If griefing is on in the wild, does that mean railroads and highways are impossible to maintain?
    No - railroads and highways will be protected. Breaking them is illegal. If you find a griefed highway, contact a staff member and they will get the grief rolled back.

    How do I get back to Extreme spawn?
    You can use your preferred system of transportation to get back. Once at the walls, go to the south side and climb the ladder to get into the castle.

    How do I start the quest?
    /quests take jungle

    How do I check my quest progress?
    /quest - use this to make sure you're not skipping important steps.

    Can I log out and keep my quest progress?

    Why is x boss not spawning?
    There is a cool down for boss spawns.

    This book says that I should have received x item, but I don't see it in my inventory.
    Such items are put into a "quest inventory" - a virtual inventory that you don't see. Just continue on with the quest and don't worry about it.

    We hope for this to be a comprehensive list, so if you are still confused about something, please ask in #questions on the Meep discord or in this thread and we’ll add it here.
  2. AdrianIsEpic

    AdrianIsEpic Buildin' Staff Member SuperArch

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    @qazini have you heard about the revamp?
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  3. SorrenYt

    SorrenYt New Meeper

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  4. LordMellow

    LordMellow SuperMellow Staff Member Mod

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    Awesome, thank you @qazini for this FAQ guide.
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  5. Summers

    Summers Hot Meeper

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    Hi, I see it says pvp will be turned on in towns, does this mean that even if we own shop plots they will forced to be pvp as well?
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  6. builderjunkie012

    builderjunkie012 Celebrity Meeper

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    Three questions:
    Is pvp disabled for residents of the same town? Within the town VS. outside the town?
    Will plot perms remain the same, where we can lock chests and prevent breaking blocks?
    What is towny war?
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  7. Sqreix

    Sqreix Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Media

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    When will you guys release a complete rulebook for Towny Extreme?

    Because I believe that there are some rules that have substantial changes to it because of a different environment.
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  8. qazini

    qazini Neighborhood Panini Staff Member Administrator

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    PvP between residents of the same town (friendly fire) is disabled regardless of location.
    We are currently deliberating as to what locking perms we will allow. We want to balance a player's ability of keeping items safe and the "extreme" part of extreme.
    You shall find out when it's released :)
    It has been released, check it out here.
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  9. smk

    smk Celebrity Meeper

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    (I’m sure you’ve already done this for your shop plots outside of the warp) You can toggle pvp off in the town as a whole. That would prevent it on your shop plots.
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  10. Mitchy_Man_25

    Mitchy_Man_25 Well-Known Meeper

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    This is a great FAQ. Wish I looked at it before playing Extreme. Thanks!
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