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EKJ GAMES round one

Discussion in 'Events & Giveaways' started by ekjhgekuie, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. ekjhgekuie

    ekjhgekuie Celebrity Meeper

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    EKJ games are a collection of Minecraft competitions where people can earn prize money. For this first game, it will go as follows: Any number of people are maintained in a random group of chunks proportional to the number of people, and the last person alive after a five minute grace period wins the price money. They can edit the land and the idea is to get as advanced as possible in combat supplies to win. Fly is illegal and you must start with an empty inventory. Keep in mind the arena could be in any biome. pre-edited, unedited, oceans, etc. Anything is possible.

    For this first one, we will take three participants at a join cost of 5k meebles. Paying the join cost is how you become a participant. The arena will be a 2x2 chunk area, totaling 4 chunks. Spectator space is available, and preferred for people who can fly. After this, I will collect bets on the winning fighter and the first fighter to die, taking 10% of the bet amount. Viewing the event is free. The prize money is 22k.

    Message me In game or comment below to pay the join cost and sign up. We will determine an optimal time for the event once you message me, and then I will take bets once the fighters are public and the event is datestamped. If this goes successfully, I will hold more Minigames on meepcraft with larger cash payouts.
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