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Dubai Real Estate Thread

Discussion in 'Towns Archive' started by buttfly29, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. buttfly29

    buttfly29 Popular Meeper

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    Dubai Real Estate Services
    Thinking about Moving to Dubai? You certainly need to check this part out.
    On This Thread, there will be constant updates of Homes/Buildings that are, For Sale; Recently Sold; Forclosed; and Auctions. Any plot may be an Embassy.

    Simply Scroll all the way down to see current listings. (Recently Sold, For Sale, Forclosed and Auctions)

    New Changes to Dubai

    If you haven't realized by now, Dubai is going through a remodel. This means that most of the housing that was originally here is no longer. This means two things, people who lived in Dubai no longer have their houses. It also means that the housing will be upgraded in visual ways. Townhouses and Condos are now being build around the town and we have had some new Skyscrapers popping up around the town including Dubai towers, The shard and soon to be the Burj Khalifa.

    Dubai has removed a lot of our outposts which means that our grinders are no longer available as of now. The main grinder (/pwarp g) is getting a remodel and will be inactive for a while. For residents, if you do /outpost 1, the villagers are still available to trade with and they have not changed.

    In regards to Gmall, it will be staying. New staircases have been provided to make access to the second floor easier. This means that people on the top floor will be less isolated as new people to the area will find it easier to get to your shops!

    Dubai now also has it's own casino located in the Shard. Give it a shot, you might win something!

    Dubai City

    As stated above, Dubai city is undergoing a remodel. A free build area has been provided in the city as well as pre-built houses towards the centre. For more info, message Buttfly29 or Garde7 in game.

    Mayor: Buttfly29
    Co-mayors: JamezMeep, Garde7, interfector202,
    Assistants: JvTheNub
    Resident count: 29
    Plot tax: 50
    Shop tax: 100
    Embassy tax: 150
    Plot price: Varies on place and size, generally 500 meebles per plot

    City overview

    Here at Dubai, we are taking in new residents for our city. We provide up to 2x2 plots as of now (bigger plots coming in the near future) and staff positions to those who are worthy.

    Providing basic services like big plots and easy to navigate streets for our residents is a big plus for us. Don't expect to be getting lost right now. We will be providing anvils, ender chests and enchantment tables.

    We are also helping new players to the district, settle in with our friendly staff helping them through the command process and getting them to know their way around.

    A new height restriction has been put in place. No buildings can be taller than the shard. If you go over this, a sign will be placed in front of your building asking for it to be shortened. If this is not completed by the date given, we will shorten it for you.

    For rules, check the notice board in the spawn

    Can we build shops?

    Here in Dubai, we promote businesses. We will be wanting shops spread throughout the town so message myself, buttfly29 or JamezMeep to have a shop. As well as this, our GMall facility is provided for you to own your shop in a working environment. All we ask is that your shop will be regularly stocked so people can buy your items.
    If you want to be added to GMall, contact Gmall staff for assistance and we will gladly provide you with a shop.

    City staff is needed. We are looking for recruiters and builders. Builders need to be of quality for the pre-builds. Message buttfly29 to become one!

    To join, contact me or a co-mayor and we will have you join! Remember /pwarp Dubai to come check us out!

    Founded 30 August 2016

    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 19, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 19, 2016 ---
    SOLD TO: Captain_Zingo on 12/18/16 for $4,000
    SOLD TO: mowglisid on 12/19/16 for $4,000
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 19, 2016 ---
    SOLD TO: OrganicTurtles on 12/19/16 for $1,000
    FOR SALE: $1,000
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
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  2. Natsu

    Natsu Celebrity Meeper

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    Why are there like five Dubai threads
  3. Wiggle_Waggle

    Wiggle_Waggle Popular Meeper

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    idk i made one, jamez made 3 and buttfly made one lol

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