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Bug Fixes & Updates - 1/15 - 1/18

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by BooBear1227, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. BooBear1227

    BooBear1227 Sunflower | Always Staff Member Administrator

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    Hi Meepers:

    Here are the bug fixes and overall updates from the past few days since we have been open. Thank you for being patient with us and reporting bugs when you find them through modreqs and Bug Reports here on forums!

    We are still working on some bugs with VShop, and we will be moving to a new plugin - I'm so sorry @Pluto258 and @ldaffodil (and all others that put in a ton of work to put those items up). Once we get the plugin working, we will allow people ten days to get their items to the new system.

    We are still working on bugs with other jobs. If you run into issues, please make modreqs or Bug Reports. We are aware of a few of them, but we need to make sure we get them all.


    1.12 Guardian Farms Not Working: Any Bugs I Find

    Tired of having to go to Towny to do /res to figure out the balance of other players? NO MORE! You now have the ability to use /bal <playername> anywhere!

    Carpet Elevators: Some people were having issues with their old carpet elevators. The plugin now checks to see that it is only air between the one segment of the elevator and the next one. Also, the block above the carpet must be air. It cannot have a sign/torch/etc. If you run into issues, please make a modreq with the coords of the elevator and staff will take a look.

    Dungeons: /warp dungeon has returned with working chests, mazes, and pressure plate traps. Watch your step. :) As a reminder, you can now /warp out by clicking on the NPC in the dungeon. KeepInv and KeepExp has been turned on in the dungeon for now.

    Towny Nether: Have trouble getting to the nether through your nether portals in Towny? This is because you are trying to create new blocks on the other side, and Towny doesn't like that you are trying to place blocks where you shouldn't. So how do you get to the Towny Nether to claim land?
    1) Grab the coordinates of your portal in the overworld.
    2) Divide x and z by 8. These are your new nether portal coordinates.
    3) Use the Nether portal / grate at /warp towns on the right hand side. This will teleport you to the spawn point in the nether.
    4) Navigate to where your portal would be in the nether.
    5) Claim, or kindly request your town leadership to claim the plot as an outpost.
    6) Either create a new portal in the nether and go back to your towny plot - OR - go back to towny and come through your portal :)

    Chat: You can now run /leave <channel> and /join <channel> for example /leave global. This replaces /gtoggle, /wtoggle, etc. which disabled chats before the update to 1.16. Also, chat commands shouldn't show up as unrecognized anymore. This will roll out as servers restart. Somewhat related to chat, you will also be able to tab-complete player's names cross-server.

    Parkour: Flower, Skywars, and Chillroom parkour maps that had portals to different parts of the courses have now been fixed. You also should experience fall damage, and no longer become hungry.

    Mob Capture: For Hunter and Farmer jobs, the MobCapture plugin has changed. You now need to craft a Capture Egg with 1 tipped arrow (any type), 1 egg, and 3 diamonds in a crafting table. The configuration of the items does not matter, but the diamonds need to be separate. In addition, it costs 250 meebles to capture an animal, unless you are LvL 50+ Hunter, in which you just need to craft the egg.

    Jobs Notes and Fly Keys: It was brought to our attention that jobs notes and fly keys were not applying the correct permission nodes to allow you to use your winnings from crates. This has been tracked down and resolved.

    Towny: We updated to a newer version of Towny that brought along numerous fixes. The main issue we were experiencing was plot groups not being able to be claimed. We also our config to allow residents to have more than 100 plots in their name, now 500. We also fixed a few other QOL issues that were not allowing plot or outpost claims within certain distances.
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