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Accepted Ban Appeal: Mattisaperson

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by Iatemyfriends, Jul 14, 2014.

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  1. Iatemyfriends

    Iatemyfriends Supreme Leader

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    IGN (In-Game Name): Iamf (For matt)
    When you were banned: A few days ago
    Reason: Requested to be banned
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff Member: Bob
    Why we should consider your appeal: I asked to be banned, now I want to be unbanned. You see, the reason we have perm bans is to punish players for doing something BAD. Why keep me banned? I did nothing just asked for a ban. It says this ban is Appeal for a reason. People also get wiped for doing something bad. Take for example Iamf got permed for harassment. He deserved that, and a wipe. I asked for a ban. I deserve the ban but if I did nothing wrong why can't it be accepted. I don't deserve a wipe either because wipes are what happens when you get a perm ban for doing wrong. I for one didn't do wrong. Please look at this appeal and reconsider.
  2. reggles44

    reggles44 NANA NaNa nana NaNa NANA NaNa nana NaNa, REGGLES! Elder

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    I'm sorry it has come this far I will be getting a supermod to unban you right now.

    Now a personal note, Staff are here to help and as me being a staff member you can always msg me on the forums or on skype (Reggles44) with issues for ingame stuff.
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