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7acespade's Official Top 10 Ways To Earn Meebles!

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by 7acespade, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. 7acespade

    7acespade Celebrity Meeper

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    Hello Meepcrafters!
    Im getting rather annoyed of people asking me how to get so much meebles so instead, Ill link them to this page. I hope you find this useful!


    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements: Plot(s), Hoe, Seeds.
    Money Yield [4/10] (1 plot) [5/10] (2 plots) [7/10] automated

    Farming is an excellent way to earn cash and food! I personally recommend wheat. Wheat can be very useful for food, and wheat is rather expensive on vshop.

    Preforming Jobs For Other Players

    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements Building Materials Needed for Work
    Money Yield [5/10]

    Jobs is an easy way to earn some quick cash. Some Jobs can be very boring and it might be hard to find one.

    Bounty Hunter/PVPer

    Ranks: Exclusive-Ultimate (./heal needed)
    Requirements Expensive Armor, Swords, Bows, And a lot of God Apples
    Money Yield [8/10]

    PVPing is a very unreliable yet quick way to earn bank. It is very hard to obtain the gear necessary, though.


    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements: Fortune III Pickaxe, Water Bucket, Food.
    Money Yield [6/10]

    Mining is a considerably risky way to earn money. Finding Abandoned Mines And Caves are generally hard to do.


    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements: Pickaxe.
    Money Yield [8/10]

    I took Building away from Preforming Jobs because it is special in its own way. The only drawback is that it takes experience to be successful.


    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements: Efficiency IV/V Shovel
    Money Yield [6.5/10]

    Shoveling up sand is a very reliable and unlimited way to earn money. It can be slow at times.

    Buy Low-Sell High

    Ranks: Citizen-Ultimate
    Requirements: Varies
    Money Yield [8.5/10]

    Lets say the average price of planks is .25 per and the average price of plank slabs are 1.00. Just craft plank slabs out of planks.


    Ranks: VIP-Ultimate (Multiple Set Homes Needed)
    Requirements: Grinder Access, Equipment/Books to enchant.
    Money Yeild [8/10]

    Enchanting Books is a very promising and efficient way to earn money, you just need access to a good grinder.

    2.Mob Spawner Hunting

    Ranks: Ultimate
    Requirements: Silk Touch Pick
    Money Yield [9.5/10]

    Flying around the nether and looting fortresses is a very good idea for gaining money. Most are looted, though

    1. Villager Trading
    Ranks: Elite-Ultimate
    Requirements: Tons of Coal. (Elite Shop) Diamond Sword
    Money Yield [9/10]

    This way of collecting emeralds is very promising and has almost an unlimited supply. It could be boring killing villagers though.

    I hope this was helpful! I will answer any questions posted in the comments below.
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  2. Chaos_Realm

    Chaos_Realm Celebrity Meeper

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    This method is much more viable to Elite + who have /fix. Otherwise not so much.

    All in all this is a pretty decent summary though.
  3. Fizzy

    Fizzy Popular Meeper

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    Or you can test the blast resistance of emeralds with hoppers!
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