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Best Posts in Thread: Bring back meep stocks

  1. LordInateur

    LordInateur Deus Ex Machina Staff Member Administrator

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    I'm not opposed to this if we institute the previously-mentioned addenda:
    • 24-hour hold time. You buy or sell a stock, it can't be canceled, and it goes into effect the following day. The prices of the stocks would still be realtime-ish.
    • Virtual only, interacting directly w/ the meeble.
    The other thing that I'd want to see is a broker fee. And, of course, a ban on insider trading ;)

    Feel free to toss your suggestions in for plugins and/or APIs. I think I have an AlphaVantage API subscription floating around somewhere but I'd rather use a free API if we end up doing this thing and have to build it custom.
  2. AwesomeAdoGamer

    AwesomeAdoGamer Celebrity Meeper

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    +1 fix the trading delay this time